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Friday, Jun 22, 2018
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Tampa Bay Hurricane Guide

Steps To Take After A Flood

Flooding is common in the Bay area, even in places not affected by storm surge. Here are things you need to know: Safety Tips •Don't walk through flowing water. Do not drive through a flooded area. Floodwater can be much deeper than it appears. Two feet of water can sweep away a car, and as little as six inches can cause unstable footing. •Stay away from power lines and electrical wiring.
•Turn off the power before floodwater enters your home. After A Flood •Stay tuned to local media and NOAA weather radio to determine when it is safe to return. •If your home was flooded, turn off the electricity and get an electrical inspection before restoring power. •Be alert for gas leaks. Use a flashlight to look for damage. Do not use an open flame until the area has been aired out. •Disinfect everything. •Drink only bottled or previously stored water until you disinfect your well or if advised of public utility system contamination. •Throw out food that comes in contact with floodwater. •Take care of yourself. Watch out for symptoms of anxiety, stress and fatigue. Crisis counseling programs are available through the American Red Cross and other agencies. •Document your damage with photos or videotape. •Find receipts or canceled checks for expensive items. Keep receipts for disaster-related expenses. •Call your flood insurance agent to file a claim and report damage as soon as possible.
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