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Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
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Tampa Bay Hurricane Guide

Preparation Checklist

Sit down with your family and make a plan for keeping safe during a storm. Here are some things you should think about: 1. Do we live in an evacuation zone? Which one? 2. Where will we go if we need to evacuate (hotel, shelter, friend's home)? 3. Which roads should we take? (Main roads and interstates will be congested. Plot your route using alternative roads if possible.)
4. Who are our emergency contacts? (You should notify at least two people - one locally and one out of state - of where you plan to evacuate.) 5. Do I need a special-needs shelter? If so, register now: Hillsborough County: (813) 272-5900; Pinellas: (727) 464-3800; Pasco: (727) 847-8959; Polk: (863) 534-5600. 6. Have I notified my employer of my evacuation plans? 7. Have I secured my important documents, keepsakes and business data? (List insurance policies and other items you need to gather.) 8. Do I know the terms of my homeowners insurance policy? (List the company, policy number, and name and phone of number of the agent.) 9. Do I have a list of my prescription medications with doses, doctor names, pharmacy and phone numbers? Do I have enough prescription medication? (You should have enough to last at least three days. ) 10. Do I have enough nonperishable food and water and a first-aid kit? 11. Where will my pets go? 12. Do I have a plan for securing my house (shutters or plywood, garage door reinforcement, lawn items, etc.)?
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