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Thursday, Dec 14, 2017
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The end of American freedom

I've known for years that big federal government was going to do us in, either by spending us and the next several generations into eternal debt, or by choking on its own size and might. I am so happy to see that finally the fallacy of big federal government, and the abuses it is prone to, is in full view of every American, even the people who voted for the most abusive administration in U.S. history Now that it is clear that the IRS, under the apparent direction of the head of the union that their employees are forced to join, the NTEU (current president, Colleen Kelly), has been working on behalf of the president to profile conservative organizations, and even individual contributors to conservative causes. It's time we all reach out to our senators and representatives to demand an end to a complex tax code that lends itself to abuse from all sides; to establish a flat, fair tax that taxes and therefore constrains consumption, as opposed to constraining the creation of income and wealth; and to simplify federal taxes to the extent that there is no need for the enforcement agency called IRS. That agency has become an armed, feared and uncontrollable agent of suppression at the disposal of Democrat operatives in the unions, and the supposedly apolitical "civil servants" put in place by several administrations. The failure of Woodrow Wilson's progressive dream is at hand. We now know that career civil servants can be manipulated by a Democratic ("progressive") regime and a compliant union that gets favored treatment from that regime. Add to that a willing press that blindly supports the president, and you have a recipe for the end of America as we know it. Obama's "fundamental transformation" is the death of American freedom.
No longer should career partisans, euphemistically called civil servants, be relied upon to guard our rights and freedoms. They have failed in that job. That is a job best left to the people. Civil servants serve at our bequest.
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