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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Sun City Photo Club names January winners

Winners were recently announced in the January Sun City Center Photo Club competition. Five perfect scores were awarded by professional judge Bernie Hynes.

In the Color Print category at the Masters’ Level, Rolf Sulzberger won golds for “Artist at the Corner” and “Alms, Alms, Help a Poor Man.” Rolf also won a silver award for “Rough Ride.” Patt Sulzberger won silver for “Up Close and Personal.”

At the Advanced Level, George Seeley received gold for “I See Lunch,” Kathy Griffith a silver for “Nature’s Beauty” and Andy Ledoux a silver for “I’ll Get You.” At Level 2 Matt Batt received gold for “Queen of the Jungle” and Pat Jones won silver for “That’s the Price.”

In the Unassigned Level, Ted Giencke won gold for “Furling the Sails of a Tall Ship” and Jackie Hanson gold for “Masquerade.” Gina Hebert won silver for “Tunnel Vision” and Marion Scheller won silvers for “Bottles” and “Burst of Color.”

In the Monochrome Print category at the Masters’ Level, Robert Winch won gold for “La Veneria Real” and silver for “Geared Up.” At the Advanced Level, Andy Ledoux won golds for “What Are You Looking At?” and “High Hopes.” At Level 2, Matt Batt received gold for “Three Zebras” and Pat Jones gold for “Selling Cloths” and silver for “Arches.” Also winning silvers at Level 2 were Allen Maser for “Along Milford Sound” and Ron Shackelford for “Zebra.” At Level 1, Bev Shackelford won gold for “Kenai Glacier” and silvers for “The Rhea” and “Alhambra Reflection Pool.” In the unassigned level, Jackie Hanson won gold with “Pa Pa” and silver for “Celtic Harpist.”

In the Color Digital category at the Masters’ Level, Robert Winch won gold for “Eurobeach.” At the Advanced Level, Vicki Breaugh won gold for “Where’s Cinderella?” and Kathy Vitale won silver for “Come a Little Closer Said the Dragon to the Human.” At Level 2, Bobbie Ray won gold for “Blowing Bubbles.” Erica Collins also won gold for “Zulu Woman Pounding Maize” and silver for “New Mat for My Hut.” At Level 1, Fred Durr received gold for “Seattle Seascape” and in the Unassigned Level, Steve McTeague received gold for “Kung Fu Birds” and Peter Bates won silver for “Conch with Shallot.”

In the Monochrome Digital category at the Advanced Level, Robert Price won a gold for “London Pub Lunch” and at Level 2, Bobbie Ray won gold for “Off to Dreamland.”

In the Creative category, which is judged at the Masters’ Level, Jackie Hanson received a gold award for “M.G.’s at Warp Speed” and Pat Jones received a silver for “Mystic Flowers” in prints. For digitals Robert Price received a gold for “Snow Showers over St. Paul’s.” Allen Maser won gold for “The Arizona Memorial” and silver for “The Organist.”

For more information, see www.photoclubscc.com or visit 960-D Cherry Hills Drive.

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