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Monday, Apr 23, 2018
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Sun City Center deputy replacing warnings with tickets

SUN CITY CENTER – Community Resource Deputy Jason Castillo has issued lots of warnings to drivers who break the rules of the road since he came to Sun City Center last February. But lately he’s had so many complaints about people speeding and running stop signs he can no longer show that courtesy.

“The time for warnings is over,” he said. “And that applies to golf carts.”

Castillo said residents cannot afford to become complacent when it comes to driving in the community. The speed limit is 30 mph in most of Sun City Center.

Yet many drivers choose to exceed those limits and are putting themselves and others at risk.

And its going to cost them if they get a ticket.

Citations carry fines in $5 increments. So if you’re caught doing 35 mph in a posted 30 mph zone, the cost is $118; 40 mph in a 30, $193; 45 mph in a 30, $243; and 50 mph in a 30, $268.

That’s some serious cash.

Castillo is serious about slowing people down.

“I’ve actually put in a request to the Hillsborough County Motor Unit to come here and increase our presence,” he said.

Another serious violation in this community is rolling through stop signs.

Last November, a Sun City Center man was killed when he drove through a stop sign at West Haverford Avenue and Del Webb Boulevard West. He was hit by an oncoming Chevrolet HHR and thrown from his cart.

He paid the ultimate price.

Still, the cost of a ticket for running a stop sign is nothing to laugh at – it carries a fine of $158. Period.

“Driving any vehicle – including a golf cart – is a privilege, not a right,” Castillo said. “So my advice is to slow down and observe the rules of the road so we can all be safe and keep that privilege.”

In other news, Castillo said there have been numerous soliciting complaints lately about a guy selling meat out of the back of his truck and a window company offering free evaluations to get their feet in the door. He advises residents “not to let peddlers of any kind into their homes unless they actually initiated the visit.”

Also solicitors should be wearing a peddler’s license, he said. The only exceptions are the scouting organizations, students doing fundraisers and churches.

There also have been a couple of afternoon burglaries around the Cypress Creek area, which were done at unsecured homes.

“Keep your doors, windows and cars locked,” Castillo said. “The suspects we arrested who committed the vehicle break-ins said they ‘picked Sun City Center because they knew old people don’t lock their stuff.’”

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