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Monday, Apr 23, 2018
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Kings Point teamwork saves residents a bundle

SUN CITY CENTER – The Kings Point Master Association and Vesta Property Services have joined forces to save more than $49,000 on improvement projects in the community.

Association Manager Dana Phillips is coordinating a $642,000 project to bring Cypress Creek back to Army Corps of Engineers specifications. The association is responsible for infrastructure within Kings Point.

The main watershed for Kings Point runs from State Road 674 under the bridge on Kings Point Boulevard and snakes through the community. Since a 1973 Corps of Engineers inspection, the banks have eroded in some sections to within 5 feet of homes in Fairfield A, and heavy rains in 2012 brought the water to within a foot of cresting the Kings Point bridge, due to the creek filling up with soil.

To prevent further erosion, Nice Services was hired to excavate 700 feet of the creek south of the bridge. Removing trees and shrubbery, they restored the creek to its original 20-foot depth and rebuilt the embankments to increase separation an additional 20 feet from the back of Fairfield A’s homes. The excavation left more than 20,000 square feet of excess dirt.

Meanwhile, Vesta Manager Ginger Anzalone was working on refurbishing the community’s shuffleboard courts. The $30,000 project included upgrading 16 and demolishing 32 courts that were no longer used.

Ironically, Vesta needed about 20,000 square feet of fill dirt for the area where the previous shuffleboard courts had been, so Anzalone called Phillips.

“I contacted Dana hoping we could make a deal on their (excavated) dirt,” she said. “They had to get rid of it and I needed it.”

Anzalone put a proposal together to get approvals from the Kings Point Federation Board and First Service (Kings Point property managers).

“By using what the contractor was going to dispose of, we will save more than $8,000,” Anzalone said, adding her project will be completed by the end of the month. She was “thrilled” when Nice Services told her that since their equipment was already on the property, they would transport it for Vesta.

Another savings came when Nice Services asked Vesta what it was going to do with the concrete from the demolished shuffleboard courts, Phillips said. The creek project needed riprap for an additional 100 feet of creek bed. Breaking up the concrete in exchange for the excavated dirt would save about $39,000, she said.

The Archery Club and Garden Center will be receiving additional fill dirt for their areas.

“The soil from the creek bed is very rich and will be a great asset to the gardeners,” Phillips said.

The association may have to repair another 525 square feet of embankment on the north side of the bridge in early 2015.

Vesta has already committed to giving the association broken-up concrete from sidewalks that will be demolished during the 2020 Building project on Clubhouse Drive at the North Court Complex. The savings from that move has not been determined.

Dosi Loverro is a freelance writer who can be reached at [email protected]

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