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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018
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Fun is where you find it

Mother Goose shook out her feathers, Little Boy Blue blew a mean jazz riff on his horn and Rapunzel really let down her hair to advertise Freedom Frolics, a benefit stage show for the Freedom Plaza Scholarship Fund presented April 1-2 in the Freedom Plaza Auditorium.

During each day of the week preceding the opening of “Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard,” these resident-characters and others from the show dressed in their costumes to stroll or perform in the Freedom Plaza Atrium during lunch hours. They repeated their live previews in the evening when doors to the dining rooms opened, and then later attended a lengthy rehearsal in preparation for their roles in this Freedom Frolics XXII presentation.

All of this promotional effort and time spent at rehearsals was for one purpose: raising money to offer educational opportunities to Freedom Plaza employees. That those involved considered themselves having fun was simply an added bonus.

There was the “fun” of learning lines. Though some voice-over and lip-sync were employed in the show, lines still had to be learned. There were also long hours of listening to others repeat their lines, and after hearing the jokes and song parodies numerous times over, those lines were no longer funny. Then came the tedium of waiting backstage for their character’s stage entrance, a wait that could seem interminable with some 22 characters in the show.

How could all this be considered fun? Because all these experiences were shared with other Freedom Frolickers – 55 of them – all working toward presenting a good show and bettering lives through higher education.

Here’s to those fun-loving resident frolickers of Freedom Frolics XXII!

Peggy Burgess is an Associate of Freedom Plaza and Columnist for The Sun.

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