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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Freedom Plaza marks Mother’s Day with Swap Soiree

Women love to shop, and they love it even more when they find bargains or come across that “something special.” That premise generated the idea of a novel way for Freedom Plaza to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. We’re having a Swap Soiree on May 7. Realizing that most women have accessories that they have worn for years – and some that they haven’t worn in years – it seemed like an interesting idea to offer them the opportunity to exchange those items. It also seemed like lots of fun might be had in the process. Information was sent to residents advising them to begin sorting though through their closets and accessory chests for costume jewelry, belts, scarves, hats and other items they were tired of. These items then will be brought to a designated location and exchanged for one ticket per article, with a limit set on the number of tickets a person may collect. Tickets will be used in place of money to purchase accessories at the Swap Soiree. Freedom Plaza resident programs staff will be responsible for sorting and arranging exchange articles, and creating a festive ambiance around the display.
The Swap Soiree will begin with an activity that women enjoy and men may never fully understand – browsing. This is different from shopping, which involves looking for specific items. Shopping is what men do occasionally and accomplish as quickly as possible. Browsing is what women do frequently and sometimes for an entire day only to arrive home empty-handed but happy. As pleasant as browsing on its own may be, it will be enhanced at the Swap Soiree by live music and lively conversation about the merchandise. When they have browsed sufficiently, attendees may visit refreshment tables laden with a variety of delicacies and beverages to enjoy while waiting for shopping time to begin. Residents have plenty of time to try on their nearly new accessories before Mother’s Day on May 12. Perhaps they’ll choose to wear them on that day and surprise each other by demonstrating how different something familiar can look in a different setting. Seeing their former accessory on someone else might well start a conversation that leads to a new friendship. It’s for sure compliments on good fashion taste will be exchanged.

Peggy Burgess is a resident activities associate for Freedom Plaza and columnist for The Sun.

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