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Monday, Jun 18, 2018
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What if I feel better then sick again?

Q. I relapsed from the swine flu, and I have had a 100-plus fever for over a week now. Should I go to the doctor or seek any medical help? - Emma, Bonney Lake, Wash. Q. My son has been on Tamiflu for 4 days after being diagnosed with swine flu. He started feeling better by the third day and now on the fifth day he is running a fever and feels as bad or worse than before. Should I take him to the ER or wait? - Betsy, Plant City
A. Please speak with your doctor about any specific concerns you have. Your questions, however, do address an important point all people should understand about the flu. Most cases of swine flu will run their course in about three to five days, but not always. And health officials urge that people who have felt better, only to get sick again, call their doctor right away. Some of the more serious cases of swine flu are the result of a bacterial infection, which develops after influenza strikes. No one should avoid calling the doctor in these kinds of cases, officials say. Do you have a question or comment about swine flu that isn't being addressed? Visit our Swine Flu home page to submit your question, and health writer Mary Shedden will get you the answer. Helping us track it all down is the Hillsborough County Health Department, which, like us, draws much of its information from the very helpful Web sites of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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