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Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
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White: Swagger Is Imperative

TAMPA - New Orleans running back Reggie Bush has accomplished many things on the football field, but he also makes news off the field, such as his relationship with girlfriend Kim Kardashian. The socialite is best known for being the daughter of attorney Robert Kardashian, who represented O.J. Simpson, and making an infamous tape you cannot rent from Blockbuster. With Bush visiting Tampa Bay today, Bucs defensive end Greg White graciously gave dating tips for those looking to land their own Kardashian for this week's Wide Right column. Anwar: What is the key to attracting somebody?
Greg: Jewelry and lots of it. Do you want me to be honest or do you want me to lie? Anwar: Does it have to be real or fake? Greg: Probably real and with a nice car. Anwar: So are you saying a guy with a Ford Focus doesn't have a chance? Greg: What I'm saying is he doesn't have that great of a chance. He has a chance. Just not a good one. Anwar: What's the biggest mistake men make during the initial conversation? Greg: They talk about themselves. They should talk about a woman. For instance, I'll ask more about her and direct the conversation back to her and not about me. Anwar: By showing her interest, she'll show you interest? Greg: Exactly. In other words, when she gets with her girlfriends she won't complain and say all I do is talk about myself. She will know that all I want to do is talk about her. Anwar: Can you take a woman to Sweet Tomatoes on a first date with a coupon? Greg: Sweet Tomatoes. I've never been there. I like Fleming's Steakhouse a lot, though. Anwar: OK, but what about a guy on a budget? Greg: I'm on a budget, too. OK. Let me see. Olive Garden is a good place. It's a very nice place. Anwar: How important is swagger? Greg: Swagger is a must. It is a necessity. It is imperative. You like those words? Anwar: I do. You're pretty clever. So why is swagger important? Greg: Swagger is an attitude. If you have swagger, it doesn't matter if you drive a Ford Focus. You see? It's a necessity. I think it's something you're born with. It doesn't just happen, unless you hit the lotto. Anwar: Is dating a friend's ex acceptable? Greg: It depends on who you're talking to. If it's a girl, no, she probably wouldn't agree with it. If it's a guy, there's always an exception to the rule. Anwar: Which is worse - a woman who wants to spend your money or one without money? Greg: Wow. They kind of go hand and hand, don't they? If you don't have any money, you're probably going to try to spend my money. My grandma used to say if you hang out with broke people, you're going to be broke. Anwar: Who has the better celebrity girlfriend - Tony Romo Jessica Simpson or Bush Kardashian? Greg: Um? I like blondes, but I got to go with Bush. Anwar: Which celebrity could be your girlfriend? Greg: Roselyn Sanchez. Jennifer Lopez. Selma Hayek. That's my dream team. Anwar: Should men carry mints or gum on a date? Greg: Um, that's a good question. I do like Dentyne Ice. Anwar: But what about all that chewing on a date? Greg: If you chew with your mouth closed, you should be fine, but you should probably go with a mint. Anwar: Outside of yourself, who on the team has the best chance of landing a celebrity girlfriend? Greg: Probably Sabby Piscitelli. I'm pretty sure he can, but I wouldn't doubt Phillip Buchanon. He's a clean-cut guy and nicely dressed. Anwar: How important is it for you to make that Super Bowl date in February? Greg: Again, it's imperative. It's a must. It's a necessity. I hope it becomes a reality.

Reporter Anwar S. Richardson can be reached at (813) 259-8425.

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