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Thursday, Apr 19, 2018
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Time For Leavitt To Improve Coach Jim Leavitt was the perfect man to build the USF football program from scratch. Early on, he willed the Bulls to victory in some big games with his emotion and stubbornness. He even got an A-plus training facility built at a university with a skinflint budget for athletics. What a perfect choice to lay the foundation. He now needs to watch how some successful coaches manage winning programs. He should have the courage to hire great assistants and listen to their input. He also should save the antics and emotions for the biggest games. Those things are like a spice - great in small amounts, but they ruin a dish if overused. Now is the time to instill confidence, discipline and calmness in the players. Emotion cannot be sustained throughout a season, but confidence can. It's time for him to be humble and coachable. I love him, but he must improve. It's no more than he asks of 18-year-old players. MATTHEW YODER, St. Petersburg

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