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Thursday, Apr 26, 2018
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Gruden Quotes - Jul. 29

(On practice and CB Torrie Cox)
"I was very pleased with this morning's practice, in all phases really. We still have plenty to clean up - we've got to eliminate some penalties - but it was a much better practice from start to finish. One announcement: Torrie Cox has injured his left knee and unfortunately he'll be out for the season. He'll be placed on injured reserve today and that's a big blow for us. He's not only a very good special teams player but was a guy that was going to be in competition for not only a roster spot but playing time. So we wish him the best and that's a big blow to us." (On who needs to step up at cornerback)
"Well, whoever's in camp. Everybody in camp. Somebody goes down, somebody steps up - that's been our theme here." (On WR Joey Galloway)
"He ran 20 hundred-yard dashes yesterday and he looked pretty good to me. I wish I could have run them that fast. But we're still canceling flights today and probably tomorrow." (On the wide receivers as a whole)
"I'm really impressed. Granted, it's early and we haven't played deep into training camp, but the versatility that these guys are showing is very impressive. With Galloway out, guys have stepped up. Paris Warren is playing well. Antonio Bryant is a good receiver. Maurice Stovall has been impressive. Really, from top to bottom, any guy you want to talk about has done a nice job for us. Hopefully it continues."
(On Jeff Garcia saying last year that playmakers need to step up)
"We did some good things last year and guys did make some plays. Yeah, that's a good way to put it. I would tend to agree with him. And the coaches have to step up; we all do." (On if he's seeing more speed and quickness from Michael Clayton)
"Yep, I sure do. That's a 208-pound man right now and he's running all kinds of routes. You see him as an outside receiver, he's working the slot, he's playing three different positions and he's been very, very good to this point in training camp. That's what we've talked about, just string days together and if he does that we all know he's a heck of a football player. We like what we see so far." (On if conditioning is a factor with Jeff Garcia)
"It's probably all that California air he's been breathing. He's sucking air a little bit; it's hot here. That's what you get when you miss a few days. But, no, he made some great throws. He hit nine or 10 in a row in 7-on-7, was very good in the red zone - he's sharp. We've just got to work the deep ball a little bit more. He'll measure it, he'll be fine." (On if the tent has been a big factor)
"It hasn't been cooler. The heat index on our report card is over 100 every day. One good thing is, in the afternoon we don't administer any IVs. It gives the guys a chance to recover a little bit, obviously, and we also get a lot of work done in that little bubble there." (On Donte Nicholson and Sabby Piscitelli making big plays)
"Yeah, they sure did. We're trying strategically on our scripts to not only work the offense, but as the head coach you try to take a good look at this player here and that player there. So Monte Kiffin and I meet early, early in the morning and try to get what we need to see not only from a scheme standpoint but to try to put some players in vulnerable, playmaking positions. And we have very good safeties here that can cover grass in a hurry. That's a strength of our football team right now. Phillips is playing great and Tanard Jackson, I think, could be one of the game's best safeties. I believe that." (On the other safeties like Piscitelli playing well)
"That's the way it is. We've got competition at every position and hopefully he continues to do what he's doing. Who says we can't play three safeties at a time? Other teams have played dime defense here and there. He'll work his way onto the field if he keeps doing what he's doing." (On QB Jeff Garcia blocking out distractions)
"You know what, I don't know what we're talking about. I'm so tired of it, really. He's one of the most mentally-tough human beings I've been around. If you know Jeff Garcia, you know what I'm talking about. I really don't think this is worth talking about, personally. He's doing a great job as he always does. He's one of the most mentally-tough guys I've ever met and I'll leave it at that." (On signing a player to fill Cox's spot)
"Well, we're going to look at that, obviously not only at the corner position but at another position. You've got to have as many people as you can working on the field. We've had a couple linemen in to workout, we might bring in a couple receivers. Who knows who we're going to bring in, but we will fill that roster spot as soon as possible." (On if returns will be Dexter Jackson's sole duty)
"We don't want him to think like that. We want him to be not only an outstanding return guy and a reliable one at that, we want him to be an excellent receiver. He's just a rookie and he's learning fast but we've got a lot on his plate. The more he can eat and swallow, the more he'll get." (On if Jackson needs to add weight)
"No, he's actually a pretty thick guy. He's thick, very fast and quick and I think as he matures physically over time he'll gain a little bit of muscle and mass. But we don't want to change too much. We like that 4.28 [40-yard dash time]. There's not a lot of guys in the world that can do that." (On how the offensive line improved in 2007)
"They blocked better. They executed their assignments better and they were much more physical than we've been. And to be honest with you, we had continuity really from left guard to right tackle for most of the year, with the exception of [Luke] Petitgout. They're very accountable, physical guys and they have a lot of pride." (On if the current O-Line is one of the best in team history)
"No, I wouldn't go that far. We'll get what we deserve. I like to keep it that way. Offensive linemen - the last thing you want to do is let these guys get their own press agents and have their own little world of compliments. We like to yell at them and keep them normal. They regulate the team. They're regular guys and they get no credit for anything." (On how to keep players focused during camp)
"I think they understand. We talk about it a lot, that this 16, 20-day period will set the tone for the season. You're isolated, we all are from our families and from everyday life. It's an opportunity to really focus on your football. We realize when we break camp there are tremendous distractions for a lot of reasons. This is the time right now when you study your football, you get your body ready to roll and you come together as a unit." (On how often he notices heat impacting play in the morning)
"It's hot everywhere. It's hot everywhere in the country. It's hard. It's an endurance contest. You've got to be mentally tough." (On Matt Bryant's camp)
"He's been awesome. He's putting it between the goal posts. I even saw him punt the ball inside the three today. He's really been good and we feel great about both our specialists - Josh Bidwell. And obviously [Andrew] Economos is a key there, too. He shoots it back there with good time and accuracy."
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