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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Burress Shows He's Not Afraid To Speak Mind

GLENDALE, Ariz. - New York WR Plaxico Burress has caught 16 passes for 197 yards in the postseason, but his bold prediction is receiving a lot more attention than his on-field performance. Burress bravely predicted New York would defeat New England in Super Bowl XLII on Sunday, and he even took it a step further by forecasting the final score - 23-17. How Burress derived that score also was unpredictable. "My high school basketball number was 23," said Burress, who wears No. 17 for the Giants.
New England defeated New York, 38-35, in the regular-season finale, which gave his team a lot of confidence heading into the playoffs. None of Burress' teammates were upset at him possibly angering the Patriots or giving their opponent more motivation. "I could really care less," Giants DE Michael Strahan said. "If you put it on the board, what is it going to make you do? Play harder? This is the Super Bowl. "If you're not going to play your best, or play as hard as you're going to play, you're not going to be here in the first place. "That team Patriots knows they are good. They are 18-and-freaking-0 ... If it was a fineable offense, Coach Tom Coughlin would fine Plaxico." STRAHAN ENJOYS SPOTLIGHT: Strahan seemingly enjoyed Tuesday's Media Day more than any other player. Strahan ecstatically answered questions with more than 4,000 media members in attendance, and even gave a rendition of Alicia Keys' "No One" song, which would have made William Hung, of "American Idol" fame, cringe. "This is like walking down Broadway. This is no big deal. Where is the Naked Cowboy? Is he out here strumming his guitar in some tighty-whitey shorts?" Strahan said. "You hear all these great things about Media Day, and you get here and there is a lot of media, obviously. "I don't know if it's because you are in New York, but you are used to answering a lot of questions every day. At least they let some nice people into this group." TIME FOR THERAFLU: New York escaped the NFC Championship Game against Green Bay with a victory, but not without a parting gift. Several Giants players are battling the flu, which can be attributed to playing in Green Bay temperatures that felt like minus-25 degrees with the wind chill, and frigid temperatures in New York. "We've got some colds, which you're going to have when you operate in our climate," Coughlin said. "We just came out of an extreme in Green Bay and back to New York. "We did have some of the flu bug this week, had a player sick on the plane, but hopefully we're going to get everybody together at practice today. I think that will be a key." SUPER WAGER: A friendly wager between the mayors of New York and Boston is pitting Manhattan clam chowder against New England clam chowder. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino are doing more than rooting for their hometown teams in the game between the Giants and the Patriots. In the bet placed Tuesday, the loser will donate local foods to charity in the other mayor's city. If the Patriots win, that means Bloomberg will send a delivery to Boston that includes Manhattan clam chowder, pastrami sandwiches, New York pizzas, black and white cookies, New York steaks and a few gallons of lemon ice. And if the Giants claim victory, Menino will send a package with New England clam chowder, Dunkin' Donuts coffee, Boston cream pies, chicken sausages and Brigham's ice cream. The Boston-born Bloomberg insists he is rooting for the Giants this weekend, and City Hall announced that the Empire State Building will glow blue this weekend to show support for the team, which actually practices and plays its games in New Jersey.
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