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Wednesday, Feb 10, 2016



Derby Lane


11th - Gr., D, 550 Yds, Time: 31.83

El Picasso10.606.206.60 Its Star Karin7.005.20 Avior9.80 Quin (3-4) $41.40; Perf (4-3) $93.80; Super (4-3-1-8) $3,514.20; 1st Half Twin (4-3-1) $402.60;

12th - Gr., A, 550 Yds, Time: 30.99

Kiowa Ak Richpie19.604.402.80 Lamorge Streaker3.002.20 Lamorge Aces Up4.00 Quin (5-6) $15.00; Perf (5-6) $39.40; Tri (5-6-8) $404.60; Super (5-6-8-3) $1,384.20; Pic 3 (2-4-5)3of3$1,332.60;

13th - Gr., D, 550 Yds, Time: 31.72

Jawa Speedo26.0010.206.00 Benjy3.202.40 Fly Bye Michelle6.80 Quin (2-8) $83.20; Perf (8-2) $225.60; Tri (8-2-4) $594.80; Super (8-2-4-3) $1,080.40; Tt Carryover $3,251.00;

14th - Gr., D, 660 Yds, Time: 38.14

Dp's Run For Fun32.6017.205.80 Rj's Playgirl4.403.00 Backwood Casey3.00 Quin (2-6) $54.00; Perf (2-6) $167.20; Tri (2-6-5) $405.80; Super (2-6-5-7) $2,557.00; Dbl-quin (2-8)(2-6) $2,800.40;

15th - Gr., B, 550 Yds, Time: 31.29

Tk Beretta9.604.002.80 Ww Pacific Fleet5.803.20 Backwood Cruiser2.80 Quin (2-6) $103.60; Perf (2-6) $154.20; Tri (2-6-5) $465.00; Super (2-6-5-8) $1,204.90; Attendance 1641; Handle $349,368.00;


1st - Gr. C 550 Yds

1 Elite Dancer5 Ikuko2 M's Dream Mary6 Makin U Bananas3 De's Premonition7 Kb's Yoeman4 Dust Maker8 Picky Ricky Lee 2nd - Gr. C 550 Yds

1 Jazz Master5 King Rumble2 Dan Patch6 Dynamite Density3 Kiowa Shay P7 Buffy Express4 Kiowa Northpole8 Visions N Dreams 3rd - Gr. M 550 Yds

1 Odd Relay5 Wesley Chapel2 Rowdy Busch6 Sv Weihl Fast3 Sv Weihl Gone7 Ww Helterskelter4 M's Dream Lady8 Lamorge Cinnabn 4th - Gr. B 550 Yds

1 Ww's Edmund5 Backwood Angel2 Your Themanbrry6 Greta's Winstar3 Lassie's Lad7 Kiowa Girl Ted4 M's Safaire8 Killerinthesun 5th - Gr. D 550 Yds

1 Tmc's Romance5 Kelsos Trent Lot2 Waubun Arlene6 Kyky Magz3 Rj's Luis Obispo7 Midwest Goal4 Tapco Texarkana8 Deco Doraready 6th - Gr. A 550 Yds

1 Backwood Terri5 Kelsos Scotsclan2 Kiowa Stanthemn6 Shotgun Charlie3 Lamorge Saturn7 Heroic Lady4 Fire Trail8 Spry Lidge 7th - Gr. D 550 Yds

1 Tapco Hobo5 Ti Gallop2 Military Press6 Super C Girsch3 Seegold Crystal7 C's Albert4 Mika Allen8 Wet Our Whistle 8th - Gr. B 550 Yds

1 Monica Crawley5 Ww's Toto2 Nb's Firecracker6 Ph Tempo Teaser3 Kl Heart N Soul7 Polish Pop4 Jiminy Panda8 Hardworkinwomn 9th - Gr. C 550 Yds

1 Kiowa Marmalade5 Hi Noon Da Vinci2 Tnt Rockwell6 Kiowa Lucas3 Swift Lightening7 Another Blossom4 Backwood Tonya8 Ugo Butchcassidy 10th - Gr. A 550 Yds

1 Hallo Gold Acre5 Flying Regent2 Millys Uncle6 Gretchen Oswalt3 Dewey Millions7 Deco Bull Rum4 Sav's In Depth8 Wbf Tundra 11th - Gr. D 550 Yds

1 Downtown Fanny5 Kaias Crybaby2 Betsy B Racin6 Ww Flamboyant3 Juniper Grace7 Silver Dome4 Harvester8 Rck Clyde 12th - Gr. B 550 Yds

1 Starz Allie5 Kentucky Jade2 Melinda's Baby6 Hi Noon Harmony3 Flying Barzini7 Ugo Lucy Anna4 Alysweep8 Julia Ww Gabriel 13th - Gr. D 550 Yds

1 Rs Hooligan5 Ww Plenty Rich2 Tmc's Jaylowe6 Turbo Emperor3 Jack's Boxster7 El Aloha4 Starz Time Me8 Winter Chase 14th - Gr. C 550 Yds

1 Clever Rumble5 Mile Marker2 Kelsos Candice6 Funny Aidan3 Starz Predator7 Hallo Star Milla4 Flying Vault8 Rc Shotgunwillie 15th - Gr. D 550 Yds

1 Kiowa Sky Volley5 Philippian2 Lava Tejada6 Magic Hamhock3 Kiowa Brandy7 Jack's Lightning4 Hi Noon Showoff8 Jetting Angel

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