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Friday, Apr 20, 2018
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What they're saying about David Price

“I'm floored that this is all the Rays got for David Price — as are some of the execs I've talked to so far — and I can't imagine that the return this winter would have been any worse.”

Keith Law, ESPN.com


“Assuming that (Matt) Moore comes back reasonably well and nobody else gets hurt, the Rays will have five good starting pitchers next spring. What are the chances that one of the good ones has a great season? Or actually becomes great? Pretty good, I'll wager. ... The Rays made a move that's going to help them stay in the black for some years.”

Rob Neyer, FoxSports.com


“The way we looked at it, and the question that we asked ourselves is, 'What gives us the best chance of winning a world championship this year?' We have to get there. We know that. We felt that adding David Price to our rotation gives us the best chance of getting that.”

Dave Dombrowski, Tigers GM


“Tampa Bay went 19-6 from June 28 through July 30 and gained just three games in the AL East standings. They were still eight games back — a large hole to erase in two months. And the thought of keeping Price and watching his trade value drop before the winter (when several attractive arms will be available in free agency, likely suppressing his market), all in the name of fighting for a spot in the wild-card round (most likely on the road) did not appeal to them.”

Anthony Castrovince, MLB.com


“Totally understand questions about Rays' return for Price. As with everything in this sport, best to reserve judgment.”

Ken Rosenthal, FoxSports.com


“David Price comes over and fills out an extremely strong rotation. It's tough to see somebody go but you look at the positives of bringing over a pitcher with quality stuff. I actually know David a little bit, and he's a great guy. (Drew) Smyly and (Austin) Jackson are good locker room guys, (and) David is a good locker room guy as well. He will fit into this locker room quite nicely.”

Justin Verlander, Tigers pitcher


“While Price is obviously better than the outgoing Drew Smyly, I think the extent to which Price is better than Smyly — especially once money is taken into account — is being wildly overstated in many quarters. Smyly is a good starting pitcher who's young enough to get better. ... From the Rays' standpoint, this is, to my mind, a roundly unimpressive return for a former Cy Young winner still in his prime who isn't due for free agency until after 2015. I like Smyly ... but the shine has come off the once highly touted (Nick) Franklin. The market is what the market is, but I'm left suspecting that the Rays could've done better if they'd either traded Price earlier this month or waited until the winter.”

Dayn Perry, CBSSports.com

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