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Monday, Oct 23, 2017
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Rays preview: Sean Rodriguez Q&A

Sean Rodriguez What sporting event outside of baseball would you like to attend? The Super Bowl, definitely. I wouldn't mind attending a seven-game NBA Finals. That would be nice. Either one. What is the biggest moment of your career?
"It used to be the day I got called up, but the last game we had last year (against the Rangers in the ALDS). We lost, but I was riding a high that whole game. I felt really good that whole game. Running over (Rangers catcher Mike) Napoli was pretty exciting just because we're buddies and we could laugh it off." What was your welcome to the Major League moment? "The night I got called up the umpire behind home plate called a couple of strikes on pitches that we're probably beyond boarder line. I looked over to the dugout and a couple of the coaches were smiling like they knew what he was doing it, so I shook it off. Just knowing he was doing it to test me I was like, all right, I'm not saying a word. You called it a strike it's a strike." Last time you bought a pack of baseball cards? "I don't remember, but I remember the last time I went through my baseball card collection. It was not long ago when we were moving. I still have my collection, a three-ring binder with the cards in plastic. They're still in good condition." Who are the big names? "There's tons of them. I got Rickey Henderson rookie cards. I got Reggie Jackson in there. Don Mattingly in there. I got tons of guys in there." Any Sean Rodriguez cards in there? "No. No. Nope. Just keeping it to the older guys." Any talent other than playing baseball? "I like to dance. I like to go out and dance. I like to move around a little bit. My wife and I have date nights. We go dancing. We keep it young." What music do you like to dance to? "Anything with a beat that I can bop to." What talent do you wish you had? "Being an unbelievable dancer. Like one of those dudes on 'America's Best Dance Crew.' Not "Dancing with the Stars?" "'Dancing with the Stars' is dancing, don't get me wrong, but I'm talking more like a hip-hop or pop." What place would you like to visit? "Jerusalem. I want to go to places where Jesus walked. Just to be somewhere were a super natural human being was, I'd love to just be around that." Favorite dinner? "My grandmother makes this dish with chicken and potatoes marinated on top of rice with this nice sauce. And bananas, too. When my grandmother makes it, oh my god. Gooooood." Favorite TV show? "My favorite show has always been the 'Fresh Price of Bel Air. I love Will Smith."
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