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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Rays’ Myers on struggles: ‘Got to deal with it’

BOSTON — Tampa Bay Rays right fielder Wil Myers watched the highlight of his lowlight for the first time Saturday afternoon.

He was in the visitors clubhouse when he finally saw the clip of the fly ball that he let fall on the warning track during the fourth inning of Friday’s Game 1 loss to the Red Sox.

“It didn’t look good at all, actually,” Myers said after taking batting practice.

Friday’s 12-2 loss turned when Myers failed to catch a catchable fly ball by David Ortiz that became a double and sparked Boston to a five-run inning.

“I’m not going to lie, I thought about it pretty much all night,” said the 22-year-old rookie, who went 0-for-5 in Saturday’s Game 2 loss. “It was a tough play, toughest one I’ve had in my career.”

Myers was under the ball and ready to make the catch when he saw center fielder Desmond Jennings out of the corner of his eye and took a few steps forward to allow Jennings to make the catch.

Jennings, who expected Myers to catch the ball, watched it bounce into the bullpen for a ground-rule double.

“I don’t know what happened,” Jennings said after Friday’s game.

It was one of the rougher nights of sleep Myers has endured for a while.

“So-so,” he said when asked how he slept. “I thought about it. I didn’t go to sleep right away. It was something on my mind. It’s tough to let something like that go. I’m looking forward to rebound (Saturday).”

Rays manager Joe Maddon approached Myers and offered some encouraging words.

“I assured him that I threw an interception once when I was in high school,” Maddon said. “Well, it was more than one, but one that was pretty critical.”

After the game, Myers went to dinner with a friend, who was in town. Myers said he was left alone by Red Sox fans.

“I was fine,” he said. “Nobody recognized me. I just kept my head down.”

Not so at the ballyard.

Red Sox fans serenaded Myers with chants of “My-errrs, My-errrs, My-errrs,” on Friday and were back at it again Saturday.

“It’s something that happens,” Myers said. “You’re on the big stage. You just got to deal with it.”

Maddon said he doesn’t believe Red Sox fans will get inside of Myers’ head.

“He’s got this obliviousness to him, right? I think that benefits him right now,” Maddon said. “It’s hard not to, but my advice is just go out there and enjoy the moment. If somebody gets caught up in something, smile. Don’t get caught up in all this. It’s just one game.”

Myers said he appreciated the support from Maddon and his teammates, those who approached him after Friday’s loss and those who waited until Saturday to offer an encouraging word or two.

“Everybody came up to me after the game or when I got to the ballpark (Saturday) and told me to shake it off,” Myers said. “Things like that happen to players and just get ’em.”

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