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Monday, May 21, 2018
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MLB fines Rays’ Price, umpire for Chicago incident

KANSAS CITY - Major League Baseball brought an end to last Sunday’s incident between Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price and home plate umpire Tom Hallion on Thursday morning by fining all parties involved $1,000.
Price and teammates Jeremy Hellickson and Matt Moore were fined for violating MLB’s policy against using social media to denigrate or criticize an umpire. Hallion was fined for his actions, which including calling Price a liar, after the incident at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago.
“Honestly, that’s not what I wanted,” Price said. “I didn’t want him to get fined. I didn’t want him to get suspended. I wanted an apology. That’s all I cared about. I just wanted an apology. I didn’t want any money to come out of his pocket. I don’t want him to get fired or fined or suspended or anything like that. I just wanted what I thought was fair to me and the rest of this team, and that was an apology.”
Price said he hasn’t received an apology.
The incident began in the bottom of the seventh inning.
Price, upset he didn’t get a called third strike on a 2-2 pitch to the White Sox Dewayne Wise with two-out in the seventh inning, said Hallion approached him as he walked off the field after getting Wise to bounce into an inning-ending comebacker and told him to throw “the ball over the f-ing plate.”
A number of players in the Rays dugout heard Hallion use a cuss word and began yelling at the umpire. Hallion ejected Hellickson.
Hallion admitted Price did not say anything to prompt his comment but denied using a cuss word.
"I'll come right out bluntly and say he's a liar,” Hallion told a pool reporter.
That sent Price, Hellickson and Moore to Twitter.
Price tweeted, “Someone give me the definition of a coward please” and “Someone please give me the definition of accountability.”
Hellickson tweeted, “There's only one person lying about all this and his name starts with a T and rhymes with pom.”
Moore chimed in with, “Unbelievable someone would mis remember so quickly. Stay in your lane. Nobody cares what you have to say. #tom”
“I think $1,000 does sound like a lot for a tweet,” Moore said. “It is what it is. I would just love for it to be over like it never happened. I think it’s kind of catching a little bit more than it needs, too.”
Price said he wasn’t upset with Hallion’s strike zone. He was upset with what Hallion said.
When asked if he was aware of MLB’s social media policy, Price said, “I didn’t think I directed my tweets toward anybody. I guess they just kind of assumed. I’m sure there can be ways around that.”
About being fined, Price said, “It’s part of it, I guess. It’s something I obviously want to stay away from. I don’t want to donate any money toward whatever it goes to. I’d rather give it to my foundation or something like that. It is part of it. I could have chosen a better way to handle it but I still think I handled it pretty well.”
Price said he will remember this.
“As many times as MLB asks us to tweet stuff for them I find it kind of funny,” Price said. “It’s fine. I’ll remember this the next time they ask me to do something. I don’t feel like we were in the wrong. We got mistreated.”
Hellickson was ejected by Hallion for arguing from the dugout.
"I definitely feel it was important to have his back on the field. Saying something, Twitter, that probably wasn't the right thing to do. A thousand dollars is a lot of money. Wish I wouldn't have done it now."
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