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Friday, Jun 22, 2018
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State Swim Meets Preview

Class 3A

WHEN: Friday — 9 a.m. prelims, 5:30 p.m. finals

WHERE: Sailfish Splashpark Aquatic Athletics Center, Stuart


200 medley relay — Osceola

200 free — Bailey Bowden (Plant City), Kendall Allen (Sickles)

200 IM — Amanda Burrows (Northeast), Christina Tournant (Osceola)

Diving — Haley Phipps (Northeast), Brittney Borresen (Clearwater), Sarah Boyd (Northeast)

100 butterfly — Christina Tournant (Osceola), Maddy Conway (Wiregrass Ranch), Kendal Allen (Sickles)

100 free — Nicole Nesto (Osceola), Hristina Krasteva, Sarafina Wilson (Northeast)

500 free — Alexandria Wittman (Osceola), Bailey Bowden (Plant City), Caroline Neely (Northeast), Amanda Burrows (Northeast), Alexandra Walker (Osceola)

200 free relay — Northeast, Osceola

100 backstroke — Caroline Neely, Hristina Krasteva (Northeast), Maddy Conway (Wiregrass Ranch), Heather DeReus (Tampa Bay Tech)

100 breaststoke — Nirja Patel (Hillsborough)

400 free relay — Osceola, Northeast


200 medley relay — King

200 free — Jacob Colvin (Northeast)

200 IM — Eric Luo (King)

50 free — Adam Voor (Brandon)

Diviing — Josh Morehouse (Northeast)

100 butterfly — Marc Berson (Freedom)

100 free — Jacob Moore (Northeast), Joe Adair (Osceola)

500 free — Calvin Bryan, Robert Slockett (Osceola)

200 free relay — Osceola, King

100 backstroke — Jed Rodriguez, Eugene Luo (King), Jordan Shollenberger (Freedom)

400 free relay — Osceola

OUTLOOK: Look for Plant City’s Bailey Bowden to push for top-five finishes, and perhaps top three in the 200 and 500 free races. As for the rest of the area, it appears Osceola and Northeast will shine the brightest.

Class 4A

WHEN: Saturday — 9 a.m. prelims, 5:30 p.m. finals

WHERE: Sailfish Splashpark Aquatic Athletics Center, Stuart


200 medley relay — Plant, Palm Harbor University, East Lake

200 free — Sarah Neely (Newsome), Angie Gallastegui (Strawberry Crest), Ashley Kubel (Steinbrenner), Sierra Terrana (Plant), Alexandra Aitchison, Michele Turik (East Lake), Peyton Palsha (St. Petersburg)

200 IM — Dee Sopapong (Wharton), Rachael Freeman (Palm Harbor University), Summer Finke (Countryside), Madison Jones (Palm Harbor University)

50 free — Kendall McIntosh, Lauren McIntosh (Palm Harbor University), Annika Smith (East Lake), Allison Greenwood (Newsome), Ally Donahue (Plant), Lauren Harper (Newsome)

Diving — Allyson Nied (Newsome), Sydney Power, Riley Springett (Plant), Stacy Weaver (Bloomingdale), Allyson Heller (East Lake)

100 butterfly — Louiza Garayeva (Newsome), Gigi Gibbs (Strawberry Crest), Morgan Perrotti, Caroline Ward, Madison Jones (Palm Harbor University)

100 free — Maddie Hess (Newsome), Michele Turek (East Lake), Lauren McIntosh (Palm Harbor University)

500 free — Alexandra Aitchison (East Lake), Summer Finke (Countryside), Kendall McIntosh (Palm Harbor University), Angie Gallastegui (Strawberry Crest), Sarah Neely (Newsome), Annaklara Doel (East Lake), Sierra Terrana (Plant)

200 free relay — Newsome, Palm Harbor University, East Lake, St. Petersburg, Plant

100 backstroke — Maddie Hess (Newsome), Mackenzie Hubbard (East Lake), Carter Flynn (Plant), Cyndie Bauer, Katherine Mayer (Palm Harbor University)

100 breaststoke — Ally Donahue (Plant), McKenna Harris (St. Petersburg), Dee Sopapong (Wharton), Peyton Palsha (St. Petersburg), Rachael Freeman (Palm Harbor University), Annika Smith (East Lake)

400 free relay — East Lake, Palm Harbor University, Newsome, Countryside.


200 medley relay — Palm Harbor University, Newsome, Plant, East Lake

200 free — Kyle Kimura (Plant), Ryan Peters (Countryside), Taylor Uselis (Palm Harbor University), Nazareno (East Lake), Sean White (Durant), Luis Rivademeira (Palm Harbor University)

200 IM — Grant Sanders (East Lake), Garrett Hoce, Manuel Barragan (Palm Harbor University), Blaise Genne (Newsome), Tyler Heath (Plant), Nikolai Milosavljevic (Durant)

50 free — Stefan Spiric (Seminole), Cooper Hoffman (Countryside), Tristan Sanders (Palm Harbor University) Diviing — Max Jenkins, Reid Fleming, Mack McKelvin (Plant), Jesse Mazen (Bloomingdale);

100 butterfly — Kyle Kimura (Plant), Manuel Barragan (Palm Harbor University)

100 free — Stefan Spiric (Seminole), Cooper Hoffman (Countryside), Shaun VanHuysteen (Palm Harbor University), Cole Wisecarver (Strawberry Crest), Olivier Gilbert (St. Petersburg)

500 free — Grant Sanders, Nazarreno Boscaino (East Lake), Wes McGovern (Newsome), Taylor Uselis, Luis Rivadeneira (Palm Harbor University), Soren Evans (Seminole), Zach Kitzis (Strawberry Crest)

200 free relay — Countryside, Seminole, Palm Harbor University

100 backstroke — Tristan Sanders (Palm Harbor University), Wes McGovern (Newsome), Ryan Peters (Countryside), Vance Sanders (East Lake), Daniel Lloveras (Palm Harbor University), Michael Lombardo (Countryside), Ludoviao Boscaino (East Lake)

100 breastroke — Garrett Hoce (Palm Harbor University), Mitchell Irwin (East Lake), Blaise Genne (Newsome), Ed Smith (Palm Harbor University), Paxton Rhoads (Plant)

400 free relay — Palm Harbor University, Countryside, East Lake

OUTLOOK: Plant’s defending state 100 breaststroke champ, Ally Donahue, is in a position to win the title again, but it might be closer this year. Plant’s Kyle Kimura appears to be in a position to win a title in the 200 free and Plant’s girls 200 medley relay is seeded first and could earn gold after getting touched out at the wall last year. Newsome’s Maddie Hess is also a top contender to defend her state titles in the 100 free and the 100 back. As for the area, look for Palm Harbor University’s boys and girls to frequently stand on the top-three podium.

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