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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Terriers' 'Fantastic 4' Aiming For State Title

They call themselves "The Fantastic 4." And after seeing what Mark Williams, Lindsey Lamar, Terrence Mitchell and Colby Walden have done this track and field season for Hillsborough High, it's hard to argue with that title. After dominating last week's Class 3A-Region 3 meet in Punta Gorda and leading the Terriers to a successful defense of their title, each of these gifted athletes will compete in three or more events at Friday's 3A state championships at Winter Park's historic Showalter Field. If they and their supporting cast of Terriers can produce one more superhero-type performance, Hillsborough coach Joe Sipp and assistant Andy Wood could bring home the school's first boys state track title in 58 years. With the help of their good-natured humor from their MySpace page and their approval, here is a look in their own words at the Fantastic 4 and why they and the Terriers are so special. LINDSEY LAMAR, Junior
Superhero identity: Lightning Aka: L.L. Superpowers in track: Blinding speed When not wearing a cape: 3.4 GPA honors student; joins uncle to mentor young athletes through Tampa-based Mentathlete Corporation; 929 rushing yards in football last fall. Events/personal bests: 100 (10.35), 200 (21.41), 4x100 relay (41.58) State meet seedings: 100 - No. 1; 200 - 3; 4x100 - 1 Motto: "If you play with Lightnin', you might get struck!" From MySpace: "Hello my name is Lindsey but im betta known as LL or Lightning. ... I am probably the humblest, sweetest and most honest person out of the bunch. ... and as for my haters if u wanna race me then put a million of your cash up and meet me at da starting line!! IM DERE!" TERRENCE MITCHELL, Sophomore Superhero identity: Flash Aka: T-Rex Superpowers in track: Amazing leaping, speed When not wearing a cape: Standout mathematics student at Hillsborough; wide receiver on football team with 16 receptions for 220 yards. Events/personal bests: Long jump (24 feet, 1.5 inches), 100 (10.59), 4x100 relay (41.58), 4x400 (3:18.69) State meet seedings: Long jump - No. 2; 100 - No. 6; 4x100 - No. 1; 4x400 - No. 4 Motto: "Flash stays in front so you can always see Flash's back." From MySpace: "Dis ur boi 'Flash,' betta known as T-Rex. My events are da 100, 4x1, 4x4, and da long jump. Da long jump is my love. ... I'm da gentle, laid-back, calm 1 of da group, I don't have to talk smack becuz everybody already know dat wen i get on da track im goin 2 lay it down, so for me to talk smack would be pointless." COLBY WALDEN, Junior Superhero identity: Flame Aka: CW 81 Superpowers in track: Burning opponents at the last second When not wearing a cape: Since transferring to Hillsborough, has boosted GPA from 1.2 to 2.2; mentors younger brothers Deven and Cameron; receiver on football team with 18 catches for 207 yards. Events/personal bests: 200 (21.89), 400 (49.51), 4x400 (3:18.69) State meet seedings: 200 - No. 10; 400 - No. 5; 4x400 - No. 4 Motto: "Mess with the Flame and trust me, you will get burned." From MySpace: "Dis ur boi Flame, better known as Colby, A.K.A CW 81! i am the red one in the group. ... i just came to say i am back. i was out for a lil bit. Flame messed around and caught a spark. i don't talk smack. i let the track talk for me." MARK WILLIAMS, Senior Superhero identity: Static Aka: M-Will Superpowers: Incredible strength, speed and endurance When not wearing a cape: Web page designer for school's football and track teams; 3.2 GPA honors student; just signed track scholarship with Florida A&M University. Events/personal bests: 400 (48.63), 800 (1:57.90), 4x400 (3:18.69) State meet seedings: 400 - No. 1; 800 - No. 2; 4x400 - No. 4 Motto: "The thing the Static do is shockin'." From MySpace: "I'm the more smooth, confident (not to be confused with conceited), Laid back, Sweet, down-to-earth one of the 4. ... To all my doubters & Haterz Yall Are My Inspiration!!! ... But if U Think U Can Beat Me Line Up Next To Me And Make Sure Ya Peepz R Watchin Cuz The Thingz 'Static' Do Iz 'Shockin' ... Get At Me!!!"
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