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Monday, Sep 25, 2017
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Q&A: Guy Boucher

BORN: Aug. 3, 1971 HOMETOWN: Notre-Dame-du-lac, Quebec, Canada COLLEGES: McGill University, bachelor degrees in history and biosystems engineering; University of Montreal, Master's degree in sports psychology FAVORITE FOOD: Lobster
FAVORITE TV SHOW: "CSI,'' because "I love to figure out stuff.'' FAVORITE MOVIE: "The Mission'' FAVORITE MUSIC: Classical - "A lot of people like music that activates them. Sometimes, it's good to have music that calms you down.'' FAVORITE ENTERTAINERS: Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro - "I love the way they can take over the whole screen, just take over the whole movie.'' FIRST JOB: "I worked in a warehouse, did some painting, picked up rocks for my dad at our cottage. All that stuff.'' FIRST CAR: 1982 gray Chevette - "It had plywood covering part of the rooftop. To open the door, you almost had to deposit it on the floor. You hit the dash and the wipers went on. It made everyone laugh when I was in college.'' CRAZIEST THING YOU DID IN COLLEGE: "In the dorms, we played hockey in the corridor. Late-night stuff. We weren't breaking the walls, but the people trying to sleep weren't crazy about it.'' SOMEONE IN HISTORY YOU'D LOVE TO MEET: Jesus Christ, Winston Churchill - "I feel strongly that World War II was won because England held on. Churchill was the classic guy who figured out a way against all odds.'' IF YOU WEREN'T A COACH, WHAT YOU WOULD BE DOING: "I'd probably take off with my wife and family and move to Africa to help people in need. We don't get everything in this country. We get more than everything. For us, and especially our kids, I'd like to realize that everybody doesn't live with all our luxuries. It's important that we understand that.'' FAVORITE INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE: "It's not what happens to you, it's how you react that matters.'' - Epictetus. "That has been a driving force in my life. If you lose your leg, do you lose all hope or become an expert in computers? That's a powerful message to me.''

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