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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Tuna Town USA lives up to its name

GO FISHING is a look at the area fishing scene through the eyes of local charter boat captains and fishing guides. Today: Michael Anderson.

A 12-hour drive landed me in one of the world’s greatest fisheries this week. Fishing out of the marina in Venice, La., with Jim Naset and the Pro Marine Fishing Team, it was quite easy to see why they call it Tuna Town USA.

We ran 40 miles offshore and found acres of blue water covered in sky-rocketing yellowfin tuna. We caught several in the 30- to 50-pound range using 60-pound monofilament line and 60-pound fluorocarbon leader. We were fishing with chunks of bonita free-lined over the side of the boat while drifting with the current.

I also caught some smaller blackfin tuna on spinning gear and large topwater poppers.

We spent some time bottom fishing, as well, with big American red snapper stealing that show with upward of 15-pound snapper on almost every drop in 200-plus feet of water.

Fishing near the oil rigs that cover the horizon in this incredible place, we crushed mangrove snapper up to 8 pounds on live croakers and caught several 3- to 4-foot sharks for added excitement.

No trip to Louisiana would be complete without a trip to the bayou for some world-class red-fishing. I caught 30 fish in just a morning trip, and my biggest was just over 40 inches. All 30 came on Strike King Redfish Magic spinner baits, which work really well in the dark, nutrient-rich waters of the Louisiana bayou.

I highly recommend a trip to this incredible place for everyone who loves to fish.

Catch captain Michael Anderson every Saturday morning on News Channel 8 at 6:30 a.m. for the “Reel Animals Fishing Show,” Saturdays on 970 AM for “Reel Animals Saturday” from 6 to 8 a.m., and Sundays on 620 AM for the TA Mahoney Co. “Reel Animals Radio Show” from 7 to 9 a.m. To book a trip, call 1-866-GAMEFISH.

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