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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Spring-like weather means good fishing

GO FISHING is a look at the area fishing scene through the eyes of local charter boat captains and fishing guides. Today: Billy Nobles, left, with “Reel Animals” partner Mike Anderson.

Well, I guess March has announced its presence. You know the old adage — in like a lion, out like a lamb. We’ve had the lion, now how about the lamb?

Earlier this week, the bite around Fort De Soto has been great on large trout. From what I’ve heard, the larger white baits are the key for the large yellow mouths.

Offshore, it’s on fire, yet it can humble you. Sunday after the show, I took out Mike Mahoney and some of his hunting buddies from Canada, and I just knew we were going to light it up. Nope. We were able to get a limit of amberjacks by chumming an offshore wreck and had to really step down the leader and hook size to get them to commit. They didn’t even want to chase the freebies we were dishing out. I spoke with a captain who told me he ran 185 nautical miles and all he got was two octopuses. We had a weak front come through, and behind that the fish just wouldn’t eat.

On Tuesday, man what a trip. We had plenty of chum, and in about 80 feet it was on fire. Light tackle, 20-pound leaders, 1/0 hooks, monster snapper. We had a 30-fish limit by around 1 p.m. The average size was 4 to 5 pounds, with the large fish pushing 9 pounds.

The trick to this is mixing it up. Fish on the bottom, top, and everywhere in between. The water has warmed up some, and we could see the fish coming up off the bottom, but they would go down as quickly as they came up. I think the water cooled a little and they just weren’t comfortable.

I also had a report just south of us that a large mako shark had been caught, so our pelagics should be showing up soon. There are also quite a few blackfin tuna being caught. Not only are they a blast on light tackle, but they’re pretty good on the table, and they make a great snack on the boat, as well.

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