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Saturday, Oct 21, 2017
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Q&A: Raheem Morris

BORN: Sept. 3, 1976 HOMETOWN: Irvington, N.J. COLLEGE: Hofstra University, bachelor's degree in physical education FAVORITE FOOD: Steak, "I'm a meat and potatoes man.''
FAVORITE TV SHOW: "24,'' because "it was so interesting. I'm upset that it's all over.'' FAVORITE MOVIE: "Braveheart'' or "Old School,'' because "they were classics.'' FAVORITE MUSIC: Hip-hop, rhythm and blues FAVORITE ENTERTAINERS: Jay-Z, Kiefer Sutherland ("because he was Jack Bauer'') FIRST JOB: Caddie at Baltusrol Golf Club FIRST CAR: 2002 Chevrolet Blazer - "What I got when I first came on with the Bucs. I didn't have any money to get a bad first car when I was young. Hey, I lived in the city. I had to save my money and take the bus. The public transportation was pretty good.'' CRAZIEST THING YOU DID IN COLLEGE: "We stole the golf cart of our head coach (Joe Gardi) and used it to transport ourselves around campus. I think it went on for a week before anybody knew what had really happened.'' SOMEONE IN HISTORY YOU'D LOVE TO MEET: Martin Luther King Jr. - "One of the most influential people in history. I'd have a million questions to ask him. I know he'd motivate me. I'd want to steal some motivational stuff from him that would make me a better head coach.'' IF YOU WEREN'T A COACH, WHAT YOU WOULD BE DOING: Teacher - "All coaches are teachers anyway. Great teachers are blessed with the gift of delivering their message. Great teachers can motivate and inspire you. I got the passion for coaching pretty early, but I could've easily gone down that path.'' FAVORITE INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE: "Mentality before reality.'' - Mike Tomlin, former Bucs defensive backs coach and current Pittsburgh Steelers head coach. "I don't know if Mike Tomlin was the first one to say it, but he got me to buy in. When the Steelers won (Super Bowl XLIII), that didn't just suddenly happen. Mike had been coaching that game in his mind for years. Visualize your dreams and goals, then accomplish them.''

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