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Monday, Jun 18, 2018
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Ira Kaufman’s Week 11 NFL power rankings

1. Seattle — Marshawn Lynch won’t stop running angry until the NFC’s No. 1 playoff seed is clinched.

2. Denver — Will Peyton Manning’s sore ankle hold up against KC’s stellar pass rush Sunday night?

3 Kansas City — As the Chiefs try to answer their skeptics, questions about Alex Smith persist.

4. New Orleans — Drew Brees is rolling, but the Saints won’t churn out 40 first downs vs. San Francisco.

5. Carolina — This surging defense is built in Ron Rivera’s image – tough, physical and aggressive.

6. Indianapolis — Not much time to recover from Sunday’s clunker.

7. San Francisco — Make that two home losses in which they’ve been whipped physically.

8. New England — Tom Brady had better tighten up that chinstrap in Charlotte.

9. Detroit — The resourceful Lions suddenly lead the jumbled NFC North.

10. Cincinnati — They tend to go as QB Andy Dalton goes. Right now, they’re going nowhere.

11. Chicago — Treading water won’t get it done as injuries continue to mount.

12. Green Bay — Survival instincts need to kick in while Aaron Rodgers is on the mend.

13. Arizona — Have placed themselves in position to make some noise in the wild-card chase.

14. New York Jets — Every time you think they’re out, Ryan’s overachievers pull you back in.

15. Philadelphia — Nick Foles has come to the rescue to provide stability under center.

16. Dallas — Staring to realize they will have to win the 41-38 games down the stretch.

17. Baltimore — Still can’t run the ball, but they’re hardly out of postseason contention.

18. Tennessee — Upsetting the Colts Thursday night would be huge.

19. San Diego — Just not good enough to beat the big boys in the AFC West.

20. New York Giants — This battered defense is starting to show some pride.

21. St. Louis — Let’s be honest, not even Jeff Fisher saw that beatdown of the Colts coming.

22. Cleveland — A victory in Cincinnati would keep their playoff hopes alive.

23. Miami — An offensive line in turmoil looms as a disaster.

24. Pittsburgh — Might as well play the youngsters the rest of the way.

25. Washington — Need more spending on defense in the nation’s capital.

26. Oakland — Jon Gruden would be greeted with trumpets if he returned to the East Bay.

27. Buffalo — How can a franchise be so irrelevant for so long?

28. Atlanta — Mike Smith isn’t going anywhere ... and neither is his football team.

29. Houston — Lost seven of first nine, and their identity along the way.

30. Minnesota — Christian Ponder to Vikes: Tap the brakes on that quarterback search.

31. Tampa Bay — Several players are vowing it’s payback time against the Falcons.

32. Jacksonville — Rookie head coach Gus Bradley gets off the schneid.

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