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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Ira Kaufman's Week 10 NFL power rankings

Each week, 12 national media members - including the Tribune's Ira Kaufman - rank teams in what is known as The Associated Press Pro32 Power rankings. Here is Kaufman's ballot (followed by the corresponding consensus pick):

1. Seattle - Russell Wilson simply will not allow the Seahawks to lose at home. (Consensus No. 1: Kansas City)

2. Denver - You can bet John Fox will be there with them in spirit at San Diego. (Consensus: Seattle)

3. Kansas City - NFL's masters of winning ugly stay unbeaten heading into bye week. (Consensus: Denver)

4. Indianapolis - Never out of a game with Andrew Luck under center. (Consensus: Colts, 49ers tied)

5. San Francisco - Thriving attack will be tested against Carolina.

6. New Orleans - Poor Dallas catches an angry Drew Brees on the rebound. (Consensus: New England)

7. New England - Yes, Rob Gronkowski's presence does make a difference. (Consensus: New Orleans)

8. Cincinnati - Andy Dalton was due for a clunker, and he obliged. (Consensus: Same)

9. Carolina - Taking all kinds of momentum and confidence into Candlestick Park. (Consensus: Detroit)

10. Chicago - This offensive line has taken a leap forward. (Consensus: Carolina)

11. Green Bay - Defense couldn't make the key stops Monday night. (Consensus: Same)

12. Detroit - Chicago's aggressive secondary is gearing up for Calvin Johnson. (Consensus: Chicago)

13. Dallas - Only the Broncos have scored more points than the NFC East leaders. (Consensus: Same)

14. New York Jets - In the thick of the AFC wild-card chase with a rookie QB. (Consensus: Same)

15. Tennessee - Every once in awhile, Chris Johnson shows you he's still got game. (Consensus: San Diego)

16. San Diego - A decent team that can't quite get over the hump. (Consensus: Arizona)

17. Arizona - Bruce Arians is doing some nice work out in the desert. (Consensus: Tennessee)

18. New York Giants - Plenty of time left to make a run in the jumbled NFC East. (Consensus: Miami)

19. Miami - Troubling off-field issues will accompany them to Tampa on Monday night. (Consensus: Philadelphia)

20. Philadelphia - Chip Kelly needs to show Nick Foles a little commitment. (Consensus: Cleveland)

21. Cleveland - They stopped the bleeding before the bye week. (Consensus: Ravens, Redkins tied)

22. Baltimore - Never seen a powerful running game disappear this quickly.

23. Washington - Sometimes, one goal-line stand can turn around a season. (Consensus: Giants)

24. Oakland - They had been playing decent defense until Mr. Foles came to town. (Consensus: Buffalo)

25. St. Louis - Rams fans starting to wonder when their day will come. (Consensus: Oakland)

26. Buffalo - Sloppy Bills dominated KC everywhere but on the scoreboard. (Consensus: St. Louis)

27. Atlanta - Mike Smith will survive this awful season, and he should. (Consensus: Houston)

28. Pittsburgh - Mike Tomlin has 55 reasons to put his foot down this week. (Consensus: Same)

29. Houston - Like the Falcons, a once-promising season has gone awry. (Consensus: Atlanta)

30. Minnesota - Christian Ponder wasn't the problem in Big D. (Consensus: Same)

31. Tampa Bay - Fourth-quarter failures define Schiano's tenure in Tampa. (Consensus: Same)

32. Jacksonville - NFL definition of wasted talent: Justin Blackmon. (Consensus: Same)

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