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Thursday, Oct 19, 2017
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Gruden Quotes - Nov 28

(On if he's any closer to deciding who would start at quarterback if Jeff Garcia can't play Sunday)
''No. We'll expect Jeff to play and for the time being we'll get the other guys ready to go.'' (On which reserve QB got the majority of practice reps Wednesday)
''They both got reps. We'll just say we're getting them both ready and if need be we'll go with one of the two.'' (On how Garcia feels)
''He's sore. He is improving, but he's sore. It's day to day. He didn't do much today. Hopefully he can do a little bit more tomorrow and throughout the week. That's the best I can say.'' (On if he is worried about Garcia injuring himself further)
''I'm not going to do anything with Jeff until he's released to participate, and once he's healthy to go, he's released and ready to go. I don't want him to get hurt in any way, shape or form, so we're not going to endanger him at all. If he's cleared to play, he's playing. If he's not, he's not. That's the best I can say.''
(On how the Saints are different without Deuce McAllister)
''Well, they throw it every snap. They've already thrown it 500 times. To put it in perspective, I think we've thrown it 280. So they're going to throw it 50, 55, 60 times in a game, from all kinds of formations and an array of sets. We've got to be ready for that. They've adjusted, to me, by throwing the football repeatedly, and they've had some success in the process.'' (On if the Saints' defense is any different now from what it was when they saw them in Week Two)
''Yeah, their structure has changed a little bit. But I think [Mike] McKenzie, the left corner - I think he's a Pro Bowler. I'd be disappointed if he didn't make the Pro Bowl. As you know, the front four for New Orleans with Hollis Thomas and [Brian] Young and Charles Grant and Will Smith, they present problems. It's a veteran corps of linebackers, so they're a handful.''
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