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Monday, Apr 23, 2018
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Bucs-Saints: Quotes

“I thought there were a lot of good things on defense. Unfortunately, it’ll be overshadowed by the loss, but that’s team sport. We need to keep getting better. We had, really, two bad plays, maybe three, but that’s life. It cost us dearly. One was for a touchdown and one put them in position (to win).”

Bucs coach Greg Schiano

“We just need to keep working on the strike zone, make sure we’re hitting where it’s legal. You don’t get to practice that, because you don’t hit live during the week. So, you just have to emphasize it. We’ll continue to emphasize it. But our guys are playing very hard. (We’ve) been through stretches like this, and then it kind of balances out usually. So, hopefully, that’ll occur.” - Schiano, on Bucs defenders being called for three personal foul penalties during the loss

“Definitely frustrated, because we’re so close and we are showing a lot of great things on our defense and as a team. We just (have) got to complete the mission in all phases, not just one phase.” - Bucs CB Leonard Johnson

“If it’s going on, I need a new camp, because there is nothing I’ve heard.” - Bucs QB Josh Freeman, on whether the people in his camp are looking for a trade

“He is a great quarterback. We tried to show some different looks for him. Nothing against him — he is a great quarterback — but he is not that tall, so we wanted to get guys in his face and try to disrupt some throws. That’s what we did, and it worked out. We did great on defense.” - Bucs CB Darrelle Revis (above)

“I think wins like this are vital, because no matter what you’ve done in the past, you’ve got to kind of prove it to yourself that this team can overcome those types of odds and circumstances to get a win on the road, in the division. This just becomes so meaningful. Our team got better today. There’s still a lot we have to work on, but when you can find a way to win with everything that happened today, especially there at the end, that’s just significant.” - Saints QB Drew Brees

“The biggest thing about our team is we are going to do what it takes to win. Whether it’s the offense stepping up, or the defense, or special teams. ... Every game takes on a life of its own. All we care about is winning. These kind of wins make a team strong.” - Saints S Malcolm Jenkins

“What was very important at the very end was just getting the stop, where they couldn’t take a knee and win the game. ... We’re just talking about hanging in, fighting, kind of staying together ... We’ve been in a number of games like this, and we made a few plays at the end when we needed it. ... Hats off to Tampa. I thought that they played outstanding on defense.” - Saints coach Sean Payton

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