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Thursday, Apr 26, 2018
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Bucs' Revis thriving down on the corner

Cornerback Darrelle Revis, a former All-Pro with the Jets who is in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, continues to thrive at his position, despite annual rule changes that make life down on the corner an imposing task. Here's how he does it:


“I'm at the point where I know what to do. You've got to be a student of the game and you've got to continue to not think you know everything. I remember my second year (2008), when Ty Law came to the Jets. He's from my hometown (Aliquippa, Pa.) and I know him very well. The one thing I got from him was he never stopped asking questions in the meeting room. He had all those accolades from his time with the Patriots and the guy never stopped learning.'' — Revis


“I see how he watches film and prepares. He's a real pro. I respect what he does, on and off the field and it's a blessing for me to learn from this guy.'' — Johnthan Banks, Bucs rookie CB whose locker room stall is right next to Revis'


“He's as good as any player I've been around as far as his craft is concerned. He comes out on Wednesday and we'll run concepts against him on the scout team and the receivers will come back to the huddle and say, 'He knows my route.' That's impressive because it means on Monday and Tuesday, he's really taking his job seriously.'' — Dan Orlovsky, Bucs backup QB and a 10-year NFL veteran


“He studies so much. He anticipates routes by formations and by situation. That all happens in a split second. He's not only very talented, but very smart. He's a consummate pro who studies constantly — the guy he's playing and where it all fits into what we're asking Darrelle to do.'' — Greg Schiano, Bucs coach


“I've never looked at anybody across from me and thought to myself that I was overmatched. It was all about competing. I figure the other guy wakes up just like me and goes to work just like me. For me, it was more about challenging myself to see where I stood.'' — Revis


“You're not the top-rated corner in this league if you don't have confidence. Once he starts feeling 100 percent, it'll be Revis Island again.'' — Darren Woodson, former Cowboys safety


“He's the best at what he does, so he could very easily separate himself or think he's better than the rest of us. Instead, he just wants to be one of the guys.'' — Dan Orlovsky, Bucs backup QB

“Revis is really calm on the field in a position that can get pretty hairy.'' — Jim Schwartz, Lions coach


“He takes a lot of pride in what he does. He doesn't want you to catch a ball on him, and it's hard not to respect a guy like that. He never made any excuses early in the year, but we all knew he wasn't 100 percent. He's ready now.'' — Johnthan Banks, Bucs rookie CB


“It's about having a clock in your head, understanding the routes and what the offense is doing. I'm big on formations because I want to see the big picture. Talking to Champ Bailey at the Pro Bowl, he told me that good corners have to be patient. You can't jump at the first movement or juke. As far as the rules, it's important that I understand what I can and cannot do. It's not easy. We get five yards — after that, you can't touch them. You've got to be real detailed in your technique.'' — Revis


“He's got ideal size and strength. He's not fast on the watch, and maybe that's why he wasn't a Top 10 draft pick, but Revis is a tremendous technician. He takes a lot of pride in playing press coverage and he can lock you out. He reads splits and he's a detail freak. He knows when he has help, where he has help and when he doesn't have help. And he can change his leverage unlike any guy I've ever seen. He can be physical or rely on finesse. I've seen him literally throw Terrell Owens off the video screen with his strength.'' — Jon Gruden, ESPN analyst


“It's hard to get him on anything. You've got to be physical with him because he's a physical guy.'' — Roddy White, Falcons WR


“What I notice about him is the transition — the ability to come in and out of breaks better than anyone else. A lot of corners just play the receiver. Revis plays the receiver and the football. That's just a knack to be able to sense when a receiver is breaking off his route or looking back for the ball.'' — Darren Woodson, former Cowboys safety


“He's never in panic mode out there. He sits there and mirrors the other guy and then when it's time to go, whether it's to go vertically or to drive on the ball, Darrelle's got explosion that's second to none. Let's face it, today's rules are set up against you at cornerback. To be able to play effective coverage, you almost have to give up everything in front of you. That's why Darrelle is so rare. He not only takes away the intermediate and deep ball, he takes away the three-step pass.'' — Greg Schiano, Bucs coach


“Everyone has their own opinion about corners and I'm over that stage in my career of worrying about it. I let my play speak for itself. I'm not going to be the guy who gets eight interceptions a year, that's not how it pans out in press coverage, but the people who know football and know how hard I work can judge me.'' — Revis


“He's very confident, and he has every reason to be. Confidence comes from ability and preparation. Darrelle Revis has a huge dose of both.'' — Greg Schiano, Bucs coach


“The best thing Revis does is he scares the heck out of quarterbacks. They look over there and they go, 'Oh God, forget that.' He's got quite a resume. Revis and Deion aren't the same kind of football players, but they're alike in one key respect — they have both thrown a lot of one-hitters and shutouts.'' — Jon Gruden, ESPN analyst


“The number of interceptions he has (21) while playing primarily press coverage is amazing. For me, he has the perfect build for the cornerback position.'' — Darren Woodson, former Cowboys safety

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