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Saturday, Nov 18, 2017
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Bucs Q&A: What's up with the bad attendance?

Have a question about the Bucs? Tribune reporters Roy Cummings and Ira Kaufman will answer it. Send them a question. Q: What is wrong with Bucs fans? I live Edgewood, Md., and  I am an Army retiree born and raised in Tampa, in Jackson Heights. I have been a Bucs fan since the team was established and I just do not understand the fans in Tampa. Here the team is the Baltimore Ravens and they sell out every game. I am a Bucs fans and I will not become a Raven fans because I love the Bucs. I even name my dog Bucs, but the fans in Tampa, I guess they don't care. WHAT'S UP BUCS? - Wayne F. Mitchell Sr., Edgewood, Md. A: Sunday's home game against the Chiefs is almost sure to be another blackout. The Bucs feel they have gone the extra mile to offer incentives for fans to purchase season tickets or single-game tickets, but response has been tepid so far. The Rays also have major problems with attendance and this economy is still reeling from a recession. Things could change if the Bucs get on a major roll and generate momentum in the community after a 1-3 start, but blackouts at Raymond James Stadium are now the norm rather than the exception. - Ira Kaufman
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