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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Bucs Q&A: What draftees were Stokes guys?

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Q. I haven't heard much or read anything regarding new director of college scouting Eric Stokes' influence and decision-making prowess during his first draft with the Bucs. Were there any players drafted that Stokes really liked that he had to sell (GM Mark) Dominik and (Coach Greg) Schiano on? Guys that come to mind are William Gholston and Steve Means.
- Fort Myers Buc Fan, Oviedo
†A. I think you saw the effect Stokes has when the Bucs grabbed Jonathan Banks in the second round. Even in Seattle, Stokes was big on getting big, physical press corners. That's what Schiano wants, too, but I think Stokes really pushes for that. I don't know for sure, but I think some of the later selections as well, particularly Means, were largely Stokes calls. When you grab a guy like that - pretty much off a lot of teams' radars - you are usually leaning on your college scouting guy's word, so my guess is that was one for whom he might have banged the table.
- Roy Cummings
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