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Saturday, Apr 21, 2018
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Bucs-Cardinals: Quotes

“We’ve got good football players, a good team, we’re just not playing very well right now. So, we’ve got to get it corrected, and we will. If we didn’t have players and we didn’t have good coaches, I’d be more concerned. But I am concerned because we’re not doing it. So, we’ve got to get the tide turned, get to playing the way we’re capable of. That all starts with me. As the head coach, I’ve got to make sure that we’re doing everything we can, in our power, to perform better.” - Bucs coach Greg Schiano


“Our struggles in running the football is one of the reasons that we felt we had to mix it up. ... In retrospect, would you like to have run something different? Sure. When it works, you’re happy and you win the game, and when it doesn’t, you say, ‘I wish we would’ve done something different.’ But again, I’ll say it over and over, at that time, we make decisions and we go with them.” - Schiano, on the interception QB Mike Glennon threw on second-and-6 from the Tampa Bay 11-yard line late in the fourth quarter


“We can’t turn on each other. It’s times like this where you see teams start to crumble, because internally they start to implode. (We) can’t do that. We have to get stronger from this point moving forward, look in the mirror first, see what we did as individuals wrong, what we can do better and then lift each other up and then move forward.” - Bucs DT Gerald McCoy


“It’s heartbreaking, man. We just have to stick together, that’s one. Two, we have to find a way. ... We have to find ways to win in the future, we have to. These games are coming down to four minutes or less in the fourth quarter and we have to find ways to be consistent.” - Bucs CB Darrelle Revis


“It was a great exhibition of 60-minute football. The game is played for 60 minutes, and it doesn’t matter really what goes on as long as you can maintain the chase that something good is going to happen. That fourth quarter was some of the best football we’ve played all year. It was just a matter of doing it. It was there to be done.” - Cardinals coach Bruce Arians


“That was bad ball in the first half all around, and our defense just kept fighting and fighting for us, kept the game manageable for us, and we’re so thankful those guys played their tail off. We lost a lot of bodies last week, and guys continued to step up in new roles, and that’s what being a team is about.” - Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald


“I had my eyes in the backfield for a little bit, so I saw the quarterback looking my way. He’s a young quarterback, so he’s going to telegraph his throws and once Vincent (Jackson) made the break, I kind of undercut it and I became the receiver and made a play on the ball. But the second one, I think it was a tip, forget which defender tipped the ball, but I’ll call that one a gift. But it’s still two interceptions on the stats.” - Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson

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