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Sunday, Sep 24, 2017
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Borrowing balls has worked to perfection

HUDSON - Steve Bialkoski has gotten to the point that he likely will never buy another bowling bowl. That's because every time he is given a ball, he rolls a perfect game. Bialkoski, a native of Long Island who has been an avid bowler for the past 20 years and an area resident for some 23 years, usually bowls in a weekly league at Hudson Bowl. A few years ago, Bialkoski decided to bowl in a fundraiser for a friend of his, Dave Lance, who needed a lung transplant. Another friend of Bialkoski's, Don Hentman, happened to have a new ball he didn't like so he gave the ball to Bialkoski to try.
The result? A perfect game. "But it wasn't a sanctioned game," Bialkoski said. Fast forward to April 13 of this year. Bialkoski was bowling in league play, a Monday night league at Hudson Bowl. Again, Hentman handed over a new ball he didn't like to Bialkoski. Again, the result was a perfect game, this time sanctioned. "It was also my daughter's birthday," Bialkoski said, referring to daughter Kiersten. "It was just a coincidence." Bialkoski wasn't even supposed to bowl that night. Someone couldn't make it and Bialkoski was called out of the bullpen. "All of a sudden, people wanted me as a regular," Bialkoski said. "Now, people think I'm some sort of a ringer." On July 15 as a regular Wednesday night bowler at Hudson Bowl, using the same ball that Hentman lent him in April, Bialkoski again bowled a perfect game, his third. "Man, I'm telling you there is pressure," Bialkoski said. "You get to those last couple of frames and everyone is looking at you and watching. It's stressful." SUNCOAST SENIOR REGIONAL: This weekend is the second of the three-weekend Suncoast Senior Regional at Hudson Bowl. The tournament highlights senior bowlers from around the state. For information, call Hudson Bowl at (727) 863-5481.
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