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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Collect call 2013 Topps Triple Threads football

Topps triple Threads football is an interesting and sometimes perplexing mix of designs. I like the background of the base cards, for example. There is a light, leathery look to them, which I find intriguing.

What I don’t like is the gold foil, particularly when used for the player’s name. It might be my advancing age, but I had a hard time seeing names unless I tipped the card — or read the back if I didn’t recognize him. However, stamping the team logo in gold foil and positioning it on the top half of the card suits me just fine.

A hobby box of Triple Threads actually consists of two mini-boxes. Each mini-box contains one pack, and there are seven cards to a pack. Each pack, on average, will contain three base cards, two parallels and two hits. The base set contains 100 cards, but collectors are generally not buying Triple Threads to build a set.

Here are the key hits I pulled from each pack

The first big hit was a base rookie Triple Relics autograph card of Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert, numbered to 50. The card is presented on thick stock and had three circular swatches, including a nice orange stripe. The autograph is on a sticker.

The second hit showcased another tight end, the Cowboys’ Gavin Escobar. The former San Diego State star was featured on Rookie Jumbo Relic card numbered to 50. The swatch is a long vertical piece on the left-hand side of the card, ringed by gold foil.

Mini-box No. 2 included a Rookie Autograph Single Relic card of Jaguars wide receiver Denard Robinson. This card is numbered to 25 and features a sticker autograph of Robinson — although I have to admit, it’s difficult to notice that it is a sticker unless you tip the card at an angle. This is one of the occasions where the gold foil comes into play and enhances the card, rather than detract from it.

The other key hit confused me at first. It’s a relic card of Chiefs running back Knile Davis, numbered 1/3. But I had to flip the card to realize that the Triple Thread relic spelled out "96th PK" (or pick, if you will). The card is on very thick stock, but at first, the "96" looked like single quote marks.

An interesting card, nonetheless.

And, an interesting set.