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Sunday, Oct 04, 2015

Bulls Report

A college athletics blog by Joey Johnston

Joey Johnston covers University of South Florida athletics for The Tampa Tribune and TBO.com. He has chronicled the beginnings of USF football and all of the men's basketball program's NCAA tournament teams.

“Freddy Soft” makes an apeparance at USF first day in pads

by nick williamsTribune staff

TAMPA — Words of advice from South Florida coach Willie Taggart: “Watch out for Freddy Soft.”

Monday after practice, the first full day the players were able to wear pads, Taggart said there were a couple of miscues on the field, attributed to players giving in the fatigue or the afternoon heat.

“When guys get hot and tired, you have to brush Freddy Soft off because he’ll cause you not to get a job around here,” Taggart said. “We have to defend against Freddy. He’s a little guy about this big (using his fingers). He’s very powerful.”

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