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Thursday, Apr 19, 2018
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Saturday is ‘Go Skateboarding Day’

— Skateboarders all over the world will take a personal day off from work, set aside their video game controllers or get off the couch to go skateboarding this Saturday, the 11th annual Go Skateboarding Day.

The name may be derived from “No Skateboarding” signs on which skaters have replaced the word “no” with “go.” In recognition of the day, skateboarders will skate solo at their favorite spots or gather to share tricks or compete for prizes.

The holiday, created in 2004 by the International Association of Skateboard Companies, will be celebrated locally with free food, live music and contests from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, at Hillsborough County’s Brandon Skate Park, 5720 Providence Road, Riverview.

This is the second year the park, which opened in April 2012, has hosted a Go Skateboarding Day event. Prizes of gift cards, helmets and more will be awarded to winners according to four age categories: 7 and under, 8 to 13, 13 to 16 and adults 17 and up. The event is free to participants and spectators.

Skaters must wear helmets and fill out a notarized waiver, which can be found at www.Hills boroughCounty.org/Bran donskate.

The 11,000-square-foot concrete Brandon Skate Park has an intermediate/professional bowl that is 6- to 9-feet deep, an obstacle street area with two levels, stairs, rails, and a quarter pipe and transition elements.

The reason for this official holiday of skateboarding, according to the International Association of Skateboard Companies website, www.iasc.org, is “to have fun, to raise awareness about the issues we face; to show the world what skateboarding is really all about; to reclaim our culture; and to define skateboarding as the rebellious, creative celebration of independence it continues to be. … Have fun, go skateboarding!”

For information, call Brandon Skate Park, (813) 744-5319.


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