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Thursday, Apr 19, 2018
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Value, quality continue to be Maronda's focus

Buying a house is intimidating enough, but with today's real estate market turned on its head, many people wanting, or even needing, to buy a new home may be more hesitant with all the headlines about foreclosures and builders going out of business. Despite the uncertainty, home buyers still may benefit from the housing industry shake up that has culled out the less viable entities and allowed those with a stronger business model to stay and even grow, says Gregg Carlson, regional vice president for Maronda Homes. Maronda Homes is a longtime builder in the Tampa Bay area with homes in communities across the region. While continuing to build homes, Maronda also has been able to expand its base by acquiring more land, Carlson says. "There's no doubt that we're very fortunate to be able to continue to build homes today.
"But because we have been so careful, we are able to take the opportunity to buy lots that other builders are selling in order to pay off their debts or as part of their going out of business." Carlson says home buyers today should feel confident about their home builder and Maronda will be there to manage the construction of their home. "There are probably a lot of people on the fence about buying a new home who don't need to be," Carlson says. "But customers need to look at us and say 'Hey, if Maronda Homes is in a position to buy lots and not sell them off like other builders, that's who I want to build my home." Carlson attributes much of the success of Maronda Homes to its focus on value. "Our motto has always been 'an easily observable better value'," Carlson says. He says this is achieved through efficient designs, which help keep the homes affordable. Stacked plumbing, for example, allows builders to create more space in the home. "We engineer our homes to transfer square footage into maximum living space and future living space," he adds. Another example is to centralize air conditioning and heating units so the distance air must travel is reduced. In addition, the volume at which Maronda Homes buys its materials gives them a pricing edge, he says. "Our buying power is significant and we pass those savings onto our customers." Carlson says, without sacrificing quality, Maronda Homes works to standardize many of the design features and materials used in its homes. "This can save a lot of money for our customers so that they may then use those savings for other important things in their lives, like college education or retirement," he says. "Every detail in our homes meets or exceeds building codes, and production staff inspects the work throughout the building process." To assure customers of its quality homes, Carlson says Maronda offers a two-year warranty, corrects any concerns before closing and provides an inspection six months after closing. "This extra step keeps our customers confident that their homes are a quality product," he says. For information, including locations of Maronda communities in the Tampa Bay area, model home centers and virtual tours, visit www.maronda.com.
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