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Friday, Jun 22, 2018
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Hannah Bartoletta Builds Homes Customized To Buyer

Charley Hannah and Mike Bartoletta, founders and owners of Hannah Bartoletta Homes, are predicting an upturn in the Tampa Bay area housing market and say they are prepared for it. "We've stayed busy during this slowdown," Hannah says. "Every storm has an end and this one looks like it's coming to an end," he says, adding that every area of the country is different and is responding independently to the housing market. Hannah is optimistic about the market where he builds and says his company's success will continue by doing what it always has done - building high quality, customized homes in the most desirable areas. "We know what downturns are about and we know a little about what happens after the downturn. When it turns, it turns significantly," says Hannah, explaining that he and Bartoletta founded the company just before the last big real estate correction. He describes it as "one of the most horrific downturns in history," but one which also offered Hannah Bartoletta more opportunities than any period since.
Just as they weathered that storm in 1990, Hannah and Bartoletta have weathered the recent downturn and have kept doing what they do well, perfecting processes and securing the best locations, Hannah says. Specializing in luxury, custom-built homes priced from $600,000 to $3 million, the builder has held a niche in this area since its inception in 1988, Hannah says. "With Hannah Bartoletta, a home buyer has more design choices than they would have with other builders," he says. "Another builder might offer a few color palettes. With us, you can literally choose whatever you want - and not just with colors. Kitchen designs, outdoor spaces, custom fireplaces and even a home's floor plan are elements where HBH clients can let their personal preferences dictate the design." Hannah says the company's philosophy is to provide more people with an opportunity to build a custom home "built to suit their needs instead of making do with a floor plan that already exists." He says by developing processes, Hannah Bartoletta has become more efficient and is able to offer custom-built homes at prices that accommodate more budgets. "I'm confident that our level of service and strength of processes for building homes have improved so we can furnish a superior product and level of service than we've previously achieved and we have a track record of success through the implementation of our past methods" Hannah says. Just like in 1990, Hannah knew when the market came back there would be a flight to quality, he says. So he and Bartoletta have made sure they've put themselves in "the most desirable communities," he says, listing among them Lakewood Ranch, FishHawk Ranch, Mira Bay and The Estuary of Mobbly Bay. "These are the areas of demand. You have waterfront property, amenities and established communities. As the market recovers, those will be the places people want to live." Regarding custom homes, Hannah says, "There's only one reason to build a custom home: to live in a home that suits your specific needs and enjoy the personalized lifestyle it affords. It's an opportunity for our clients to reward themselves and their families with a home in which a lifetime of memories can be built." Hannah says, not only are great deals being offered on inventory homes, this is an opportune time to build because the pool of skilled labor no longer is diluted by the once overheated construction of new homes and the most talented among them are available. To learn more about Hannah Bartoletta Homes, visit www.hbh.info or call (813) 909-1200.
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