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Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016
Meteorites from fireball seen over Arizona found
Arizona State University says researchers have found pieces of a small asteroid that left a fiery trail over eastern Arizona earlier this month
Updated: 2 hours ago
Former TV judge Joe Brown can't practice law in Tennessee
Former television judge Joe Brown cannot practice law in Tennessee under an order from the state Supreme Court
Updated: 8 hours ago
McIlroy has no regrets about pulling out of Rio Games
Rory McIlroy has no regrets about opting out of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics over concerns about the Zika virus
Updated: 3 hours ago
Sanders worries Trump is benefiting politically from Brexit
Sanders raps globalization, says he understands mood that led Britain to vote to leave EU
Updated: 8 hours ago
Cleveland relaxes rules on protest marches at GOP convention
Cleveland has relaxed its rules on protest marches and rallies at the Republican National Convention after a federal judge last week determined the city's regulations violated the right of free expression
Updated: 2 hours ago
Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley's first guitarist, dies at 84
Scotty Moore, the pioneering rock guitarist who played on "Hound Dog" and other early Elvis Presley hits, has died
Published: 06/29/16
Facebook CEO's Hawaii neighbors grumble about new wall
Some of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's neighbors are grumbling about a rock wall he's having built on his property on the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Kauai
Updated: 10 hours ago
Mainz signs Spanish midfielder Jose Rodriguez
Mainz says it has signed Spanish midfielder Jose Rodriguez from Turkish side Galatasaray
Updated: 3 hours ago
Shooting at Arizona courthouse claims 2 women
Authorities say two women are dead following a shooting at the entrance of a courthouse in eastern Arizona
Published: 06/28/16
The US women will have a new home kit in Brazil
The U.S. women's national team will have a new home uniform this summer at the Olympics
Published: 06/28/16
Pyonghattan 2.0: More skyscrapers go up in N. Korea capital
At the order of Kim Jong Un, North Korean soldier-builders are hard at work on an ambitious cluster of high-rises intended to show the world North Korea can't be stopped sanctions and pressure
Published: 06/29/16
The Latest: Trump fires back at US Chamber of Commerce
Donald Trump is firing back at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which says his trade plans could damage the U.S. economy
Updated: 5 hours ago
Tips for staying safe while traveling overseas this summer
Following the Istanbul terrorist attack, travel experts say still take that vacation but always be valiant about surroundings
Updated: 2 hours ago
Microsoft readies Windows 10 update, answers critics
As Windows 10 approaches its first birthday, Microsoft is adding such features as giving its Cortana digital assistant more capabilities and offering people new ways to sign into websites and apps without passwords
Updated: 7 hours ago
Undefeated Iceland basking in underdog status at Euro 2016
Iceland is relishing its underdog status as it dreams of following the major upset of Euro 2016 with a bigger one in the quarterfinal against France on Sunday
Updated: 5 hours ago