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Wednesday, Jan 18, 2017
Budget crisis steers legislative agenda in New Mexico
New Mexico lawmakers are confronting budget shortfalls, frustration over a weak economy, and concerns about violent crime and school performance as they convene for a 60-day session
Published on 01/16/17
Trump, in flap with civil rights icon, meets with MLK's son
Trump navigates the fallout of his flap with a civil rights leader and colleague of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. while also losing a member of his incoming administration to accusations of plagiarism
Published on 01/16/17
Geraldine Ferraro's son pardoned for 1988 cocaine conviction
The son of former vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro has been pardoned by the governor of Vermont nearly 30 years after he was convicted of selling cocaine to an undercover officer
Published on 12/31/16
In year of big stories, politics was the biggest
Violence and arson in Milwaukee after the fatal shooting of a black man by police
Published on 12/30/16
Revolt fizzles as Trump easily wins Electoral College vote
A planned revolt among electors in the Electoral College has fizzled, sending President-elect Donald Trump to an uneventful victory
Published on 12/20/16
Tourism tax eyed for Rays ballpark by most Hillsborough commission candidates
Whoever wins the District 6 seat is likely to face this hot-button question early in the term: Should the county try to lure the Rays with the promise of taxpayer money for a stadium? For five of the six, the answer is, &#...
Published on 08/12/16