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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Keeler: End of Camelot ushered in progressives’ power

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States, and the last of the Democratic conservatives.

With the aid of Kennedy’s murder, Lyndon Johnson ushered in the new Democratic liberal/progressive party, a party that continues in that spirit today thanks to President Barack Obama.

A party with the mantra of “government knows best,” in other words, we know best how to run your lives.

Under the guise of “The Great Society,” or, as my late grandfather used to say, “The Great Handout,” they proclaimed their “War On Poverty” would “eradicate hunger and poverty.”

Eight trillion dollars and almost 50 years later and it is as bad as it has ever been with no end in sight, especially with this president and his administration, who have succeeded in enrolling double the amount of Americans on food stamps in just under five years.

While they claim to be for “the poor and middle class,” the new out-of-control EPA, under President Obama’s watch, has placed more regulations and taxation on American businesses and it’s people than all other presidents before him combined.

In truth, this president has done nothing to help our failed economy. Instead, he is still campaigning in the name of “fairness,” to cover his true intention – taking from those who work to support themselves and redistributing it to, as they so fondly like to refer to it as, “the greater good.” In reality, the beneficiaries are their own constituents in order to remain in power.

To bring to light just what Kennedy truly believed, here are some of Kennedy’s hopes and beliefs for the American people – as well as all the people of the world at that time:

* Kennedy believed in the American spirit of free market, pro-growth in business and in life.

* He believed in strong family ties – that means a mother and a father – not having a “village,” or the government, raising a child without a father figure.

* He believed in low taxes in order to allow the people to support themselves without the intrusion of government greed and ideology.

* He believed in a strong defense. He realized that we live in a flawed world where he had witnessed true evil.

JFK’s profound words need sorely to be echoed to this nation that is under siege by this administration and its followers: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”.

Which translates to: Love it, protect it, cherish it and those who sacrificed to create and keep it, and be willing to sacrifice to maintain it.

Mr. Obama and his constituents would do well to attempt to emulate these portions of JFK’s mantra and legacy, as opposed to his constantly failing, defeatist, rhetoric.

For Mr. Obama and his followers, some who have gone as far as to compare themselves to Mr. Kennedy, all I can say is, “Sorry, Mr. President.”

Gary Keeler is a columnist from Plant City.

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