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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Tarpon Springs detective resigns amid investigation into affair

A detective with the Tarpon Springs Police Department resigned last month amid allegations he was having an affair with a woman who was on probation on drug and drunken driving charges.

Had he remained, Detective John Loibl would have been fired, Tarpon Springs police administrators announced today.

Loibl, a property crimes detective who had been with the police department since 2005, resigned on Aug. 13 while the relationship was under investigation, Capt. Jeff Young wrote in a memorandum released to the media.

Loibl, 49, met Nickole Carter, 31, while the two were in line at Busch Gardens in 2010, the memorandum says. At the time Carter was on probation in Tampa on charges of possession of a controlled substance and driving under the influence causing property damage.

Eventually, their friendship developed into an affair, according to the police department.

Within a couple of years, Loibl, who is married, found Carter a trailer at the Hillside Trailer Park, along with a job at a Subway sandwich shop in town, Tarpon Springs police say. While on duty, he would stop by her trailer in his unmarked detective’s car while Carter’s children were at school, and the two would have sex, the memo released today says.

That happened at least once a week, sometimes several times, the memorandum says.

Loibl also drove the woman in his unmarked car to her monthly meetings with her probation officer in Tarpon Springs, according to the memorandum.

During one of those visits, on July 26, Carter asked her probation officer if she could visit her mother in Perry. Her probation officer spotted Loibl’s unmarked car and, incapable of identifying the driver through the vehicle’s tinted windows, approached.

The probation officer believed Carter’s ex-boyfriend, whom she was not permitted to see, might be at the wheel. Then the probation officer recognized the driver as Loibl, according to the police department memo.

Loibl told her Carter was his cousin and he was just helping her out by giving her a ride, the memorandum states. He asked the probation officer not to mention anything to anyone at the police department, as he had called in sick to take Carter to see her mother in Perry. Records show Loibl did, in fact, call in sick that day.

Three days later, Carter told her probation officer she was Loibl’s mistress, and the probation officer informed the police department, prompting an internal affairs investigation.

Loibl was put on administrative leave after the internal affairs investigation was launched.

He was found to have violated 10 general orders, including those that touch on unprofessional conduct, bringing the department into disrepute, undermining confidence in the agency, associating with criminals and falsifying records.

Police Chief Robert Kochen said the department was aware that Loibl’s wife applied for a restraining order in 2007 but took no action after the injunction was dismissed by a judge.

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