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Thursday, Sep 21, 2017
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Red-light runners face $158 ticket in Clearwater

Starting today, drivers had better be careful when approaching red lights in Clearwater. Drivers might face a $158 ticket if they are caught by a red-light camera at these intersections: Gulf to Bay Boulevard at Belcher Road, and eastbound Chestnut Street at Fort Harrison Avenue. Signs at the intersections designate them as red-light camera locations. Clearwater officials say those intersections have a higher rate of red-light running and related crashes based on data from 2009 to 2010. So, if you go over the white line at more than 15 mph, the camera's sensor will be triggered and it will take your picture and then the police will review the photo or the video to see if you broke the law. The camera takes two photos from the rear: one of the vehicle before the intersection with the light red, and a second one of the vehicle in the intersection.
If so, you face a $158 ticket. No points will be assessed. Officials say 250 crashes were caused by drivers running red lights in the past three years.
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