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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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St. Pete man arrested in attack on neighbor

ST. PETERSBURG – An 18-year-old man burst into his neighbor’s house and attacked him, biting his face, hands and neck, and yelling that he wanted to eat his eyeballs, authorities said.

Brandon Davis screamed at the victim, Nicholas Sorace, 55, saying Sorace was the devil, St. Petersburg police spokesman Mike Puetz said.

Sorace’s female partner ran to a neighbor’s house to call police, and the attack was still under way when officers arrived at Sorace’s house at 7900 12th Ave. S. about 2 a.m. Sunday, Puetz said.

It took four officers to subdue Davis, who they shot twice with an electric stun gun, Puetz said. Davis bit one of the officers in the hand.

Davis’ family told investigators that some of his acquaintances said he may have taken hallucinogenic drugs, Puetz said.

Davis, of 1226 79th St. S., was under guard at Bayfront Health System, previously known as Bayfront Medical Center. He faces charges of attempted murder, burglary assault and resisting arrest with violence.

The attack began after Sorace heard noises outside and went to investigate, Puetz said. He found Davis beating a dog, Davis then turned toward Sorace and approached him, Puetz said. Sorace retreated into his house and locked the door.

Davis tried to get in by smashing a window, then he kicked in the front door. Sorace’s partner then ran out back.

Davis started beating and biting Sorace, yelling that Sorace was the devil and muttering some things about Jesus Christ, Puetz said. He picked up a ceramic planter and struck Sorace in the head while straddling him.

He also tried to gouge Sorace’s eyes, yelling he wanted to eat them, Puetz said.

After he was subdued, Davis was sedated and restrained in a gurney to be taken to the hospital, Puetz said.

Sorace required hospital treatment for bites on his neck, hands and face, and his eyes were swollen from Davis’ attempt to gouge them, Puetz said.

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