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Monday, Apr 23, 2018
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Dental records can be used in St. Pete slaying

— Detectives have received permission to get dental impressions from two brothers accused in the death of an Army veteran to match bite marks left on the victim’s back, according to court documents.

The brothers — Shirune Green, 19, and Gregory Green, 16, of St. Petersburg — each face a count of first-degree murder in the death of Floyd Lassiter on May 10.

Lassiter was fatally shot outside his home at 1837 25th St. S., where he had been waiting in his car for thieves to arrive after a spare set of keys was taken during a burglary a few days earlier.

Before the slaying, another man, Arthur Summerlin, was driving nearby when he heard two gunshots. Summerlin saw Lassiter scuffling on the ground with one suspect, while a second suspect stood nearby as if waiting to join, court records say.

Since then, investigators have determined that Gregory Green pulled the trigger on a 9 mm handgun that killed Lassiter as he struggled with Green’s older brother on the ground. Shirune Green’s DNA was found under Lassiter’s fingernails, on Lassiter’s T-shirt, and in a trail of blood at the scene, court documents say. Shirune’s blood also was found on one of two shoes later seized from his younger brother.

A different shoe, a size 9 black Adidas, along with a black visor and a red lanyard, were left at the scene. On a social media website, Shirune Green was wearing black Adidas shoes and a red lanyard, an affidavit says.

It appears that during the struggle Lassiter was bitten on the back, court documents say. Dentist Barry Lipton created dental impressions from the indentations and detectives received permission from a judge at the end of May to get the brothers’ dental impressions to see if they match.

Last week, two other teenagers were arrested in connection with Lassiter’s death.

Jahrez Walker, 17, of St. Petersburg, was charged with being a principle to first-degree murder after investigators say he alerted Gregory that Shirune was in a struggle on the ground, which prompted Gregory to run up and shoot Lassiter, St. Petersburg police have said.

Jacques Hodges, 19, of Gulfport, was charged with being an accessory to first-degree murder after detectives identified him as the wheel-man in the attempted auto theft, driving the other three to Lassiter’s house before the slaying and away from it afterward.

Since Lassiter’s death, St. Petersburg police have begun a program to provide a free steering wheel lock, which prevents a thief from taking a car, to anyone whose keys become missing, police spokesman Mike Puetz said. The program was put into effect after police noticed an uptick in incidents where thieves have the keys to a car they steal.

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