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Monday, Jun 25, 2018
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Deer rescued from Palm Harbor hot tub

Pinellas County sheriff’s deputies played rescue rangers when they helped save a deer from a Palm Harbor hot tub this morning.

Deputies Tim McTaggert and Kevin Lewis responded to Mike Wyers’ home, 4303 Radcliffe Drive, about 10 a.m. after Wyers reported a small doe had apparently run through a screen,fell into the spa and was knocked unconscious. Wyers said when the deer regained consciousness, it was unable to get out of the tub on his own.

McTaggert and Lewis threw a blanket over the deer’s head to help keep it calm, but they had to remove it because it was getting wet and affecting the deer.

McTaggert then held the doe’s head and neck in a stable position for several minutes until further help arrived.

Trapper George Lontakis then arrived, and he and McTaggert lifted the doe out of the spa.

Once out, the deer sat down, got its bearings, and ran off into a nearby wooded area, deputies said.

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