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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Vehicle owners can save on tag renewal fees

Pasco County Tax Collector Mike Fasano is trying to save his constituents a little money, asking them to renew their vehicles for just one year due to pending legislation.

Senate Bill 0156, which aims to reduce the cost of vehicle registration, passed unanimously, 116-0, in a Florida Senate vote Thursday and could be signed by Gov. Rick Scott any day. If signed, that bill would take effect on Sept. 1.

Fasano is encouraging vehicle owners who are due to renew their tags to only renew for a year, not two.

Those who choose the two-year renewal before September will not be refunded the money they could have saved.

Fasano estimates that 756,000 motor vehicle owners around the state will be excluded from the fee reduction because they have already renewed for two years. Those drivers will have to wait until 2016 to benefit from the new rates.

“It is imperative that those who decide to renew their auto registration between now and the end of August strongly consider not renewing for two years,” Fasano said in a news release.

“If you do, you will not be eligible to receive the benefits those who renew for one year starting Sept. 1 will receive. The Florida Legislature has excluded the hundreds of thousands of people statewide who have, thus far, renewed for two years. That number will only grow daily unless we can help Florida vehicle owners understand how much money they will lose once this bill becomes law,” Fasano said.

The bill will reduce a number of fees currently levied by the state, including: the amount of the additional registration fee used to fund the Florida Real Time Vehicle Information System; the service charge on an application for an original or duplicate license plate or specified registration stickers or certificates; and surcharges on a license tax.

Savings will vary by owner depending on their vehicle, but generally, drivers can expect to save at least $13.

Other savings will come in the form of a reduction in the annual license tax, or “base tax,” which varies by the type of vehicle and its weight.

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