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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Pasco deputy resigns after investigation into escape

NEW PORT RICHEY - A Pasco deputy's hankering for a McDonald's breakfast while he had a prisoner in the back seat has led to an internal affairs investigation and the deputy's resignation. It all started the morning of July19. That's when 15-year veteran deputy Matthew Kadel, 45, had arrested Richard Danny Zukoski, 21, on several charges, including grand theft and burglary. Instead of taking his prisoner directly to the Land of Lakes Detention Center, an internal affairs report states, deputy Kadel "made an unnecessary stop'' at the McDonald's drive-through window at U.S. 19 and Crystal Lake Drive, according to the sheriff's office investigation. "The fact that he made that unauthorized stop, did not even call into communications, did not get approval with the supervisors, that was a violation," said sheriff spokesperson Kevin Doll.
While Kadel waited for his food, Zukoski asked that the rear window be put down so he could spit.
When the deputy complied, Zukoski reached through the rear passenger window, opened the door and bolted. Security video from the McDonald's shows the entire episode. It also shows Kadel returning a few minutes later, his prisoner still on the lam, so he could retrieve the food order he had placed. He later told investigators he had been working for four hours and was hungry. Zukoski didn't get far, even though investigators said he opened his handcuffs and leg shackles with a handcuff key had hidden on him. About a half hour after running away, K-9 units and other deputies zeroed in on his location at a house on Rampart Lane. They took him into custody. Zukoski is now in jail with escape charges added to his arrest sheet. Kadel has resigned, which has stopped the internal affairs investigation.
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