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Sunday, Feb 25, 2018
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Pasco County Fair winners announced

DADE CITY — The Pasco County Fair features competitions with youths and adults in various categories and exhibits. Listed are some of the winners:

2014 Open Sheep Show


Grand Champion Ewe: Brittany Wolford

— Reserve Champion Ewe: Rachel Morris

Grand Champion Ram: Kelsey Smith

Reserve Champion Ram: Chloe Simon

Class 1: Ewe Lambs

1st — Brittany Wolford; 2nd — Cassidy Burns; 3rd — Valerie Valverde

Class 2: Yearling Ewes

1st — Brittany Wolford; 2nd — Rachel Morris; 3rd — Edward Maddox

Class 3: 2-Years-Old Ewes

1st — Maggie Berghahn; 2nd — Kelsey Smith; 3rd — Rachel Morris

Class 4: Aged Ewes

1st — Turkey Creek FFA; 2nd — Turkey Creek FFA; 3rd — Turkey Creek FFA

Ram Lambs: 1st — Kelsey Smith; 2nd — Turkey Creek FFA; 3rd — Edward Maddox

Yearling Rams: 1st — Kelsey Smith; 2nd — Chloe Simon; 3rd — Samuel Sands


Grand Champion Ewe: Tyler McAlister

Reserve Champion Ewe: Zephyrhills Junior FFA

Grand Champion Ram: Emma Cutkomp

Reserve Grand Champion Ram: Rosemarie Berghahn

Class 1: Ewe Lambs

1st — Zephyrhills Jr. FFA; 2nd — Zephyrhills Jr. FFA; 3rd — Zephyrhills Jr. FFA

Class 2: Yearling Ewes

1st — Tyler McAlister; 2nd — Sarah Morris; 3rd — Lexi Andrews

Class 3: 2-Years-Old Ewes

1st — Edward Maddox; 2nd — Maggie Berghahn; 3rd — Elizabeth Ladkani

Class 4: Aged Ewes

1st — Tyler McAlister

Class 7: Ram Lambs: 1st — J.J. Berghahn; 2nd — Sarah Morris

Class 8: Yearling Rams

1st — Rosemarie Berghahn; 2nd — Zephyrhills Junior FFA; 3rd — Matthew Green

Class 9: Rams: Emma Cutkomp


Grand Champion Ewe: Deborah Lepley

Reserve Champion Ewe: Morgan Higgins

Grand Champion Ram: Deborah Lepley

Reserve Champion Ram: Deborah Lepley

Class 1: Ewe Lambs

1st — Deborah Lepley; 2nd — Deborah Lepley; 3rd — Deborah Lepley

Class 2: YeaRling Ewes

1st — Morgan Higgins; 2nd — Kaley Felberg

Class 3: 2-Years-Old Ewes

1st — Chloe Simon

Class 4: Aged Ewes

1st — Kelly Cribb; 2nd — Jennifer Wyman; 3rd — Erica Murphy

Class 7: Ram Lambs

1st — Deborah Lepley; 2nd — Chloe Simon; 3rd - Charli Davis

Class 9: Rams: 1st — Deborah Lepley; 2nd — Deborah Lepley


Grand Champion Ewe: Abby Davis

Reserve Champion Ewe: Aubrey Davis

Grand Champion Ram: Aubrey Davis

Reserve Champion Ram: Cole Hanson

Class 1: Ewe Lambs

1st — Aubrey Davis; 2nd — Selwyn Davis; 3rd — Emma Leiss

Class 2: Yearling Ewes

1st — Abby Davis; 2nd — Turkey Creek FFA

Class 3: 2-Years-Old Ewes

1st — Eric Zimmerman; 2nd — Jessica Squitieri

Class 4: Aged Ewes

1st — Cole Hanson; 2nd — Jessica Squitieri; 3rd — Lecanto Middle School

Class 7 — Ram Lambs

1st — Eric Zimmermann

Class 8 — Yearling Rams

1st — Jessica Squitieri

Class 9 — Rams

1st — Aubrey Davis; 2nd — Cole Hanson; 3rd — Jessica Squitieri


Grand Champion Ewe: David Squitieri

Reserve Champion Ewe: Charli Davis

Grand Champion Ram: Charlie Davis

Reserve Champion Ram: Chloe Simon

Class 2: Yearling Ewe

1st — Charli Davis; 2nd — Zephyrhills Jr. FFA; 3rd — Cheyenne Sommer

Class 4: Aged Ewes

1st — David Squitieri

Class 8: Yearling Rams

1st — Charlie Davis; 2nd — Chloe Simon; 3rd — Maggie Berghahn



Shelby Southerland, Brandon Nawlin, Cash Norman, Chaz Norman, Maddox Sewell, Zachary Norvitz, Clairissa Norvitz

Junior Showmanship (Ages 6-10)

1st — Hayden Fowler; 2nd — Garrett Hebert; 3rd — Eric Zimmerman

Novice Showmanship (Ages 11 — 13)

1st — Abby Davis; 2nd — Rachel Morris; 3rd — Cole Hanson

Intermediate Showmanship (Ages 14 & 15)

1st — Edward Maddox; 2nd — Cassidy Burns; 3rd — Aubrey Davis

Senior Showmanship (Ages 16 — Graduation)

1st — Brittany Wolford; 2nd — Jennifer Wayman; 3rd — Jessica Squitieri

Adult Showmanship (Ages 19 & Older)

1st — Jesse Coleman; 2nd — Chloe Simon; 3rd - Donna Schneider

2014 Youth Hog Show

Grand Champion: Caitlin Chandler, Progressive 4-H

Reserve Champion: Lil Kick of Country Chapter Hog

Class 1

1st — Cade Crosby, Pine View Middle School FFA;

2nd — Mackenzie Ferrell, Progressive 4-H; 3rd — Hannah Mae Oakley, Progressive 4-H

Class 2

1st — Savanna Blacklidge, Outback 4-H; 2nd — Shelby Sasser, Progressive 4-H;

3rd — Shelbie Denney, Pasco Middle School FFA

Class 3

1st — Brandyn Boydston, West Oinkers 4-H; 2nd — Ashley Morris, West Oinkers 4-H;

3rd — Makayla Wilson, West Oinkers 4-H

Class 4

1st — Emma Rhoden, Front Porch 4-H; 2nd — Austin Ladd, Blanton Valley 4-H;

3rd — Breeanna Wieck, Zephyrhills Sr. FFA

Class 5

1st — Hailey Wade, Progressive 4-H; 2nd — Tiara Arnett, Zephyrhills Jr. FFA;

3rd — Brenden Cole Sharp, Possum Trot 4-H

Class 6

1st — Zephyrhills Senior FFA Chapter Hog; 2nd — Reaghan Ladd, Blanton Valley 4-H;

3rd — Aleah Webster, Lil Kick of Country

Class 7

1st — Lil Kick of Country Chapter Hog; 2nd — Patrick Brown, Lil Kick of Country 4-H;

3rd — Andrew Wrage, Weightman Middle FFA

Class 8

1st — Hannah Bullington, Progressive 4-H; 2nd — Culton Yaeger, Outback 4-H

3rd — Clayton Yaeger, Kountry Kritters 4-H

Class 9

1st — Bradley Bloxsom, Outback 4-H; 2nd — Codi Pangallo, Front Porch 4-H;

3rd — Brianna Buchanan, Possum Trot 4-H

Class 10

1st - Caitlin Chandler, Progressive 4-H; 2nd — Brooke Forrester, New River 4-H;

3rd — Sabrina Wright, West Oinkers 4-H

Class 11

1st — McKenzie Pangallo, Front Porch 4-H; 2nd — Emily Sasser, Progressive 4-H;

3rd — Kelsey Chandler, Progressive 4-H

Class 12

1st — Brayden Sasser, Outback 4-H; 2nd — Caylee Maffett, Progressive 4-H;

3rd — Cole Maffett, Progressive 4-H


Middle School 4-H

1st — (4.0) Hailey Wade, Tristan Valverde, Brianna Duncan, Garret Bullington

2nd — (3.83) Justin Register, Savanna Blacklidge; 3rd — (3.8) Bryan Boydston

High School 4-H

1st — (4.48) Austin Ladd; 2nd — (3.86) Sidnee Yaeger; 3rd — (3.76) Bradley Boydston

Middle School FFA

1st — (4.0) Camryn Farquhar, Tifani Farquhar, Ryan Farquhar

2nd — (3.83) Cassidy Middleton, Dinah Hardin, Nicholas Gleaton, Mallory Crandell,

Savanah McKendree

3rd — (3.67) Lindsey Carpenter, Evan Vickery

High School FFA

1st - (4.27) Chloe Sullivan; 2nd — (4.06) Land O’ Lakes Chapter; 3rd — (3.78) Breeanna Wieck


Senior Showmanship

1st — Cody Melton, Progressive 4-H; 2nd — Blakeleigh Boyett, Possum Trot 4-H;

3rd — Tanner Rhoden, Front Porch 4-H

Intermediate Showmanship

1st — Mallory Crandell, Centennial Middle FFA; 2nd — Jessica Hart, Progressive 4-H

Junior Showmanship

1st — Brenden Cole Sharp, Possum Trot 4-H; 2nd — Hannah Mae Oakley, Progressive 4-H;

3rd — Hayden Miler, Blanton Valley 4-H

Overall Exhibitors

Junior: Hannah Mae Oakley, Progressive 4-H;

Intermediate: Tristan Valverde & Mallory Crandall, Centennial Middle FFA;

Senior: Austin Ladd, Blanton Valley 4-H.

2014 Youth Dairy Show

Overall Grand Champion: Jozef Heijkoop, Guernsey named Lucinda

Overall Reserve Grand Champion: Kylie Glenn, Jersey named Juicy

Senior Champion: Jozef Heijkoop, Guernsey named Lucinda

Reserve Senior Champion: Kylie Glenn, Jersey named Juicy

Junior Champion: Syndi Sinka, Holstein named Milkmaid

Reserve Junior Champion Heifer: Jalee Heijkoop, Jersey named Rosie

Senior Showmanship

1st — Sydni Sinka; 2nd — Ty Hamilton; 3rd — Brooke Pappas

Senior Special Class Showmanship

1st — Angela Lander; 2nd — Veronica Solar; 3rd — J.T. Bruggeman

Intermediate Showmanship

1st — Jozef Heijkoop; 2nd — Taylor Adkins; 3rd — Kendra Wiliiamson

Junior Showmanship

1st — Julia Heijkoop; 2nd — Jordan Hoffman; 3rd — Weston Oakley

Cloverbud Showmanship

1st — Johnanna Heijkoop; 2nd — Logan Shoop; 3rd — Jami Boydston

Championship Rodeo

The 10th annual Pasco County Fair Championship Rodeo was held last week at the fairgrounds. Cowboys from throughout the country participated in the two-day event. Listed are the winners in the competition:

All Around Cowboy

Jordan Thrasher, Culleoka, Tenn., Steer Wrestling & Tie-Down Roping, $909

Bareback Riding

1st — Steven Anding, Crossroads, Texas, 79 points, $572;

2nd - Ethan Crouch, Bryan, Texas, 76 points, $429;

3rd — Jon Luse, Savannah, Tenn., 74 points, $286;

4th — David Peebles, Waycross, Ga., 73 points, $143

Steer Wrestling

1st — Kamry Dymmek, Kissimmee, 5.9 seconds, $846;

2nd — Jordan Thrasher, Cukkeoka, Tenn., 6.2, $635;

3rd — Leo Mobley, McAlpin, 7.0, $423;

4th — Justin Thigpen, Waycross, Ga., 7.2, $212

Team Roping

1st (Tie) — Morgan Jones, Leighton, Ala./Tom Bourne, Canton, Ga. and Bradley Massey, Perry/Shane Hester, Lakeland, 5.2 seconds, $1,152 each;

3rd (Tie) — Travis Dorman, Dade City/Zak Richardson, Westville and Spunk Sasser, San Antonio/Erin Bullin, Longwood 5.4, $717 each;

5th — Justin Morgan, Cleveland, Texas/Pete Hays Jr., Vero Beach, 6.0, $391;

6th — Zeb Chapman, Lafayette, Ga./Ty Ethridge, Franklin, Ga., 6.4, $217

Saddle Bronc Riding

1st (Tie) — JC DeSaveur, Ekalaka, Mont. and Weston Pierschbacher, Kellerton, Iowa, 75 points, $540 each;

3rd — Shane Kuhn, Citra, 72 points, $308;

4th (Tie) — Eddie Parlier, Johnson City, Tenn.; Justin Caylor, Andalusia, Ala.; & Kaden Deal, Dupree, S.D., 70 points, $51 each

Tie-Down Roping

1st — Kolt Henderson, Omaha, Neb., 7.9 seconds, $886;

2nd — Brad Hartt, Sebring, 8.3, $733;

3rd — Nathan Steinberg, Conroe, Texas, 8.5, $580;

4th — Justin Thigpen, Waycross, Ga., 8.6, $428;

5th — Jordan Thrasher, Culleoka, Tenn., 8.8, $275;

6th (Tie) — David Stone, Martin, Tenn., and Jeremy Davis, Stockbridge, Ga., 9.5, $76 each

Barrel Racing

1st — Kimmie Wall, Roosevelt, Utah, 14.75 seconds, $1,348;

2nd — Britta O’Keeffe, Mohall, N.D., 14.77, $1,156;

3rd — Kelley Carrington, Boston, Ga., 14.96, $963;

4th — Lori McCard, St. Cloud, 15.05, $835;

5th — Megan Swint, LaBelle, 15.09; $642;

6th — Taylor Carver, Broxton, Ga., 15.11, $514;

7th — Casey Chappel, Port St. Lucie, 15.16, $385;

8th — Laurie Cooper, Humboldt, Tenn., 15.18, $257;

9th (Tie) — Brittany Lester, Inverness, Miss.; Jewels DeNapoli, Callahan; and Lorie Manning, Myakka City, 15.27, $107 each

Bull Riding

1st — Wagner Luciano, Brazil, 82 points, $602

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Pasco County Fair winners announced