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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Dispatch supervisor faces job retention hearing

NEW PORT RICHEY - A Pasco County 911 dispatch supervisor will attend a hearing today to determine whether he will lose his job after an investigation into allegations he was sleeping on duty. Patrick Goodman, who has worked for the county since 2007, was the target of an investigation that alleged he was sleeping on the job and that his girlfriend was visiting the communications center for an extended period of time, according to Pasco County Personnel Director Barbara DeSimone. "There were allegations that he was sleeping on the job, so we mostly got statements from co-workers, eyewitness and things like that," DeSimone said. "Some people did not see anything and some saw where he appeared to be asleep." DeSimone said Goodman, who started as an emergency communications officer and was later promoted to supervisor, was never placed on administrative leave or suspended. She said he was off for "a few days" last week due to medical leave.
Today's hearing will determine whether he will remain in his position, she said. "I have to hear his side of the story," DeSimone said. "That's part of due process." DeSimone said from information she has these are recent allegations and there have been no issues in the past. County Administrator Michele Baker wants to ensure that if Goodman slept while on the job that it doesn't happen again. "We are fortunate that this person was a supervisor, odd as that might sound, but the frontline call takers were all available; no calls were missed; no calls were delayed," Baker said. "So the public did not experience a reduction in public safety, but this behavior is still inappropriate." Goodman was also warned about allowing his girlfriend to come into the communications center and staying for an extended amount of time. De­Simone said employees, who typically work a 12-hour shift, are allowed to have visitors drop off food and visit briefly. She said since Goodman was warned on the matter, it has not happened again. [email protected] (813) 371-1860 Twitter: @EDanielsTBO
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